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MTD check out the new Star SW20 machine

MTD check out the new Star SW20 machine

Added to MTDCNC by Star Micronics GB Limited on 22 July 2014


Star has now launched its new SW20 20mm diameter capacity sliding head turning centre. The new turning centre incorporates a twin platen arrangement to offer increased simultaneous machining capability that will reduce cycle times.

The new machine has flexibility throughout that enables it to work up to 23mm diameter with certain attachments and furthermore it can accommodate driven tools on both platens and on the back working spindle to deliver remarkable capability on both front and back end working. This capability makes the Star SW20 the machine of choice for general subcontract manufacturers that are aiming to shave seconds off the cycle time of every component they machine. As an average, the new SW20 can reduce production times by an average of 30%.

With the ability to conduct balanced turning, balanced milling and drilling all simultaneously, an example of a typical turned component that previously took 1min 20seconds to machine can now be produced in 54 seconds. To support such impressive cycle times through simultaneous operation, Star has chosen the powerful and user friendly Fanuc 31i-B5 control unit for the machine. This simplifies operation for the end user. This works in conjunction with Star’s new ‘motion control’ software that serves to reduce idle machine time and reduce overall production times by an additional 5%.

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