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BUMOTEC Launch the New s181 Turn-Mill Centre
BUMOTEC Launch the New s181 Turn-Mill Centre
BUMOTEC Launch the New s181 Turn-Mill Centre

BUMOTEC Launch the New s181 Turn-Mill Centre

Added to MTDCNC by Starrag UK Limited on 30 October 2015

Starrag Group company Bumotec has announced the s181 nine-axis turn-mill centre as a compact and cost-effective multi-function machine targeted at industry sectors such as medical and surgical instruments, horological and micro-mechanics.


Importantly, the machine features a second, live tool workstation enabling up to 40,000 revs/min milling to complement the 90-position automatic tool-changer that serves the 11 kW, 6,000 revs/min main HSK-40 spindle. This additional station effectively doubles productivity by enabling up to five driven tools to work on the rear side of one part while the main tool spindle works on another component.


In one instance – the production of a stainless steel workpiece from 14 mm bar – the cycle time on a modern machining centre was 389 seconds. On the Bumotec s181, it took just 254 seconds to complete the part – a 38 per cent productivity increase!


Derived from the Bumotec s191 linear CNC turn-mill centre, a proven solution that utilises linear drives and boasts high-level thermal stabilisation to achieve 2.5 microns machining accuracies in the six-sided, complete machining of workpieces, the s181 is multi-functional turn-mill designed for the single-set-up, complete machining of complex and high-precision workpieces.


With a footprint of just 3.5 m2, the machine can handle bar of 32 mm diameter and, being of modular design, can be equipped with a range of productivity-gaining options.


The s181’s development was focused on the efficient production of medical, orthopaedic and dental components, as well as surgical instruments, but the new machine will be equally at home in all micro-mechanic industry sectors including watchmaking and jewellery.

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