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Starrag Solutions Help Users Reach New Heights
Starrag Solutions Help Users Reach New Heights

Starrag Solutions Help Users Reach New Heights

Added to MTDCNC by Starrag UK Limited on 14 May 2015
With nine established and world-leading machine brands – plus the TTL software division that has an unrivalled reputation in multi-axis CAM applications, automated CNC machining systems and adaptive  machining software – the Starrag Group offers a comprehensive array of machining solutions for every aspect of aerospace and aircraft manufacture, as visitors to the Paris Airshow will discover.
Complementing its expertise in the heavy machining of large gear casings, as well as the production of primary structural components for fuselage, tail unit and wing areas, Starrag is especially adept at providing solutions for turbine blade, blisk, casing and fuel system machining, as well as gyroscope components, electrical connections, sensor parts and gear components.
Visitors to the stand will be able to gain details of all Starrag solutions, including Droop + Rein machines for landing gear applications, Berthiez engine casing boring/grinding, Starrag five-axis blade machining centres and well as Ecospeed high-speed machining centres which, on aluminium workpieces, can achieve floor-to-floor time savings of 60 per cent by transforming a four-tonne billet into a 120 kgs complex structural part in less than 20 hours.
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