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Starrag UK announce new additions to the Heckert HEC630D U5 MT machine
Starrag UK announce new additions to the Heckert HEC630D U5 MT machine

Starrag UK announce new additions to the Heckert HEC630D U5 MT machine

Starrag UK has announced a new addition to the Heckert range of high-speed Dynamic machining centres, with the larger capacity HEC630D U5 MT offering up to five-axis machining capability utilising a NC swivel head, plus turning/turn-mill operations via a high-speed (900 revs/min) rotary turning table option.
With X, Y and Z axis travels of 850 mm, 700 mm and 850 mm, respectively, and corresponding rapid axis traverse rates and feed rates of up to 100 m/min, the new machine’s focus is clearly on reduced cycle times and single set-up finish machining.
Maximum productivity is also addressed by rapid tool change from the standard 60-tool chain magazine (80-tool optional) standard, for tools up to 160 mm diameter and 400 mm long – chip to chip is just 2.7 secs – and the 1,000 kgs capacity of each of the machine’s two pallets. Pallet change takes only 9.5 secs.
Machining accuracy of six microns over the full linear axis strokes is guaranteed by Starrag’s renowned rigid machine build construction principles based on thermo-symmetrical design, coolant temperature control and temperature compensation to complement digital AC servo drives and pre-loaded ballscrews.
In addition, the speed at which swarf is discharged also creates the ideal environment for dry machining on the 24 kW (standard) spindle machine. A 37 kW/350 Nm torque option, with reinforced column, is offered for heavy-duty applications.
The HEC630DU 5 MT’s heightened machining flexibility is courtesy of the NC swivel head and NC rotary table.
In place of a horizontal spindle, the 50 kW, 18,000 revs/min head has a swivel angle of 15deg -195deg and boasts a ramp up time of just 0.7 sec. With direct drive of 32.5 kW producing 900 revs/min and a resolution of 0.001deg, the NC rotary table provides multi-face, one-hit machining including interior, exterior and ‘straight’ turning tasks.
Offered with either Siemens Sinumerik 840 D or Fanuc Series 31i CNC systems, the HEC630D U5 MT features as options tool life/breakage monitoring, ARTIS adaptive control, and tool and process monitoring, Brankamp CMS monitoring and the SAM service and diagnostic system.
Like the other machines in the Heckert Dynamic range, the HEC630D U5 MT is equally at home in stand-alone operation or as part of a flexible manufacturing system.
A video of a Dynamic machine processing an aluminium gearbox housing can be viewed by clicking the 'Video' button....!

Published on MTD CNC by Starrag UK Limited on 05 June 2015

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