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Starrag UK Extends Heckert HEC 400 Cell with 14TH Machine at Top-Tier Automotive Supplier

Starrag UK Extends Heckert HEC 400 Cell with 14TH Machine at Top-Tier Automotive Supplier

Added to MTDCNC by Starrag UK Limited on 26 May 2016

Starrag UK has supplied another Heckert horizontal HEC 400D machining centre to the same customer – the 14th machine onsite - to expand a manufacturing cell dedicated to a range of suspension components where the HEC machines are enabling the customer to benefit from reduced machining times and improved integrity of production.

The leading UK-based top-tier supplier is using the HECs to successfully machine a variety of steel and aluminium components, capitalising on the machines’ power, precision and productivity – and cost-effectiveness.

These four-axis machines are being used throughout the automotive sector – by OEMs and their top-tier suppliers – for the single set-up machining of workpieces such as gearboxes, coupling housings and valve bodies, and they are proving especially effective when used as manufacturing cells/flexible manufacturing systems.

The 500 mm by 400 mm pallet HEC 400D can be supplied in a variety of modes to suit specific needs:

[] For machining light alloys, cast metals and steels - with rapid traverse rates of 60 m/min and spindle speeds of 10,000 revs/min (optionally 20,000);

With Starrag’s Dynamic package - traverse rates up to 100 m/min and 15,000 revs/min spindle (optionally 20, 000 or 24,000 revs/min); and

With Power package for heavy-duty cutting - 37 kW main spindle/350 Nm torque plus 60 m/min traverse rates.

The HEC 400D’s impressive traversing rates are courtesy of powerful AC feed drives in all linear axes - complemented by highly accurate profile rail guideways on all axes to guarantee a consistently high degree of positioning.

In addition, the machine’s ability to minimise unproductive downtime is also ensured by chip-to-chip times of just 2.7-3 secs in conjunction with a 60- or 80-tool magazine. In addition, pallet change takes just 8 secs. There is an option for multiple chain magazines providing up to 320 tools.

The machine’s high-level performance is underpinned by Heckert’s renowned compact thermo-symmetric machine design techniques, which results in a machine that exhibits excellent damping and very low heat expansion.

Another design highlight is the machine’s ability to efficiently remove large amounts of chips, via a wider than usual chip conveyor, to minimise the likelihood of swarf build-up and heat problems, thus creating an ideal environment for dry machining.

The result is a machine that, impressively, proves Starrag’s claim of ‘Engineering precisely what you value’ – as is illustrated by the extended production cell for the suspension components. 

The Heckert HEC range extends to HEC 500 machines with pallets of 500 mm by 630 mm and includes the five-axis HEC 500D U5 model with NC swivel head.

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