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TDT Technology Has A Head For Stock Removal Rates
TDT Technology Has A Head For Stock Removal Rates

TDT Technology Has A Head For Stock Removal Rates

If you work with parts more likely to be measured in metres than microns, TDT Technology has now brought the PAMA line of Speedram floor-type horizontal boring and milling machines to the UK.

The Speedram product range consists of five models with boring spindle diameters from 130mm to 260mm and vertical stroke from 2000mm to 8000mm, all developed based on the same high tech solutions and built with utmost care and attention. All Speedram boring and milling machines are designed to guarantee maximum rigidity and stock removal ability throughout their work envelope. Furthermore, these machines have been built to maintain their accuracy and consistency for manufacturers looking for a long term production solution.

The five models of the Speedram range are the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000. The machines have an X-axis column travel of 4m or 6m with a Y-axis headstock work area of 2 to 4m for the smallest machines up to 5 to 8m for the largest 5000 Series machine. The Z-axis ram has a maximum travel of 1000mm on the smallest machine up to 1600mm on the largest 5000 Series.

The headstock on the Speedram Series has a maximum spindle speed from 1600 to 2000rpm on the largest machine whilst the smallest 1000 Series can achieve spindle speeds up to 4000rpm. This higher spindle speed on the smallest machine is credit to a 2-speed 37/52kW spindle motor that has a torque output of 1525-2396Nm. For the Herculean 5000 Series, the 3-speed gearbox has a speed range up to 2000rpm with a maximum spindle power of 145kW that generates a torque range of 20351-25685. With such extraordinary power and rigidity characteristics, the machines incorporate an ISO50 or ISO60 spindle taper depending upon the machine selected. If you are searching for a solution that will give you uncompromising material removal rates on large parts, please contact TDT Technology for details on how we can improve your productivity, flexibility and overall component quality with the Speedram Series.

Published on MTD CNC by TDT Machine Tools Ltd on 10 March 2016

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