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Jones & Shipman debut new Suprema cylindrical grinder at EMO

Jones & Shipman debut new Suprema cylindrical grinder at EMO

Added to MTDCNC by Hardinge Jones and Shipman on 19 June 2013

An uprated Jones and Shipman 1000M cylindrical grinder from the new Suprema range is one of four new grinding machines being featured on the Hardinge Grinding Group stand D60 in Hall 11 at the 2013 EMO exhibition.

Jones & Shipman will be exhibiting alongside its fellow Hardinge grinding experts Kellenberger, Hauser, Tschudin and, for the first time, Usach Technologies Inc.

The five companies between them offer extensive capability across the spectrums of surface, cylindrical, creep feed and jig grinding in addition to manufacturing special purpose machines. EMO 2013 will be Usach’s European debut, the Illinois based company having been acquired by the Hardinge Group in December 2012.

Featured on the stand will be a Usach multi spindle internal grinding machine, one of a range of high-precision, computer-controlled ID and OD grinding machines and grinding systems the company designs and manufactures.

The new J&S Suprema range comprises high precision numerically controlled cylindrical grinders which feature several important upgrades to help end users achieve even greater productivity and flexibility whilst maintaining the core advantages of the J&S “Easy” programming system. The key upgrades are:-

•    Uprated control system to a Fanuc Power motion that offers on line storage for all dressing and grind programs, USB connectivity, improved reaction times and a colour touch screen to further improve programming and set up times.
•    Increased wheel diameters on both the left and right hand external wheels that offers longer wheel life and increases productivity by reducing the number of dresses required in the grinding cycles.  
•    An optional increase to the wheel head power which will allow further improvements in productivity and reduced time cycles.
•    A new machine guarding design to further improve machine accessability to assist and improve setting, cleaning and maintaining the machine.

The Power Motion control has been developed for high performance, multi-axes general motion applications and offers a variety of powerful custom screen development tools, a high-speed, multi-path PMC ladder interface and up to 32 axes/4 paths of high-performance motion control.

With specialised functions such as pressure and position control, multi-axes synchronization, electronic CAM and the high-speed response, the Power Motion has a world-class reputation for user-friendly operation, performance, precision and reliability.

Ideal for one off, batch or high volume production the highly versatile Suprema range features ‘EASY‘ self teach programming software, a robust ‘Tee Bed‘ design, high geometric accuracy and the latest touchscreen technology.

The distance between centres on the new Suprema 1000 M is 1000 mm with the height of centres 160 mm. On the new model there is a wheelhead (left hand side) option of 400 x 50mm diameter (increased from standard 350mm) and a right hand side option diameter of 350 x 50mm (increased from standard 300mm).          

New Kel-Vera from Kellenberger

At EMO Kellenberger will be featuring the latest model in its successful KEL-VERA high precision cylindrical grinding series with the introduction of a new B Series machine with a 750mm workpiece length and a fast, highly accurate B-axis.

As in the 400 series, the machine concept is based on platforms for the slide and wheelhead supports, but also for workpiece applications based on the lower table. The model series is available along the lines of standard configurations, which also permit application and customer specific models.

On the new machine the new B-axis has a four times faster rapid traverse speed that is hydrostatically supported, and has a direct drive.

The extremely rigid hydrostatic guides are the reason for the uprated performance and dynamics in the X and Z axes. Rapid traverse speeds and optimized dressing concepts reduce non-productive times and guarantee short cycle times.

Based on experience with the heavy model, a new, smaller workhead is now available. This means that the advantages of a direct drive can also be enjoyed for small and medium size workpieces.

The newest control generations from Heidenhain or Fanuc support the direct drives and guarantee rigid drive trains to satisfy the highest demands.
In the new variant, the new rotating-spindle-only smaller workhead for a maximum load of 200 kg is available with direct drive. This supplements the already successfully introduced heavy model machine for loads up to 300 kg.

Two machine variations are available.  The ‘Universal’ model has a 10kW output, more than 28 wheelhead variations with a maximum of 4 grinding wheels.  The height of centres is 250-300mm and there are diverse table-mounted units.

The ‘Production’ model is a 20kW output machine with a range of options for fixed or swivel wheelheads.  The height of centre are 175-250mm, again with diverse mounted units.
With its new model variations, KELLENBERGER offers cylindrical grinding machines of the highest precision. The new length fills the gap up to the proven KEL-VARIA, provides the best precision and machining performance for medium size workpieces, and reduces non-productive times and producing an economical and reliable solution for dependable production.

Available as option is the KEL-PORTAL loading system which can be integrated within the machine.

The third new grinding machine on the stand is from Hauser.

Hauser is highly respected for its jig grinding machines in the niche of highly accurate grinding work in tool and mould fabrication.  However with its new jig wheelhead development for the H45 and H55 machines Hauser is achieving a pronounced increase in productivity as well as significant improvements in achievable processing precision.

At the same time, the ability to do hard machining by grinding is supplemented with expanded possibilities for fine milling, analogous to HSC milling.

The wheelhead, combined with the proven characteristics of the Z, C and U axes, represent a new, previously unrealised dimension of performance and capacity in the market.

The Z axis with highly dynamic oscillation capabilities was realized using linear motors with the C axis designed with a hydrostatic bearing, which permits highly accurate planetary grinding with roundness in the sub-micron range.

The new design of the U axis also has a unique, large capacity for movement and a great deal of attention is paid to preventing the effects of thermal expansion, to ensure that the sought-after improvements in precision are achieved.

Overall, an exceptionally high degree of system rigidity - previously unknown in jig grinding - has been achieved by this new solution, providing a range of improvements.  These include a pronounced increase in performance capabilities, new combinations of use with grinding and hard milling, improvements in precision in respect to achievable bore roundness and new opportunities for automation and variations in bore grinding, mould grinding, profile grinding and every kind of conical processing.

HAUSER jig grinding machines fitted with this new wheelhead are available immediately in the new model series H45 and H55. The performance increases of the new wheelhead have been fully allowed for in the machine frames which have been given a heavier construction.

Usach European debut

Details of the Usach machine being demonstrated will be available off the stand at the exhibition.

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