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SW Combines Speed & Flexibility In Its Latest Compact Machining Centres

SW Combines Speed & Flexibility In Its Latest Compact Machining Centres

Added to MTDCNC by SW Machine Tools on 11 January 2017

With the new BA3 Series of machining centre, the relentless drive for innovation is taken to the next level by SW Machines. Available with a number of configuration variants, the new BA3 is the only machine you will ever need for highly productive small part production. Something that is demonstrated by the 40,000rpm spindle speeds 

Offered as a single or twin-table machine with two or four spindles, the new BA3 is optionally available as a 4 or 5-axis machining centre for complete workpiece machining. Even the 4-satellite planetary table design is now equipped with 4 autonomous torque motors for increased accuracy. So, whether it's small series production to high-volume runs, the proven high-level technology in the BA3 gives you the ability to complete the most complex of workpieces on a stiff and reliable platform.

This stability arises from a monobloc design that is combined with a 3-axis unit, a double swivel table and 2 or 4 horizontal spindles that have a spindle distance of 300 and 150mm respectively. The BA 342 variant with 4 spindles at a 150mm spacing is best suited for high volume production of smaller parts. It is equipped with one or two SW-manufactured torque motor-driven rotary tables that each has the option of either 2 or 4 satellites. These machines are undoubtedly the most advanced 5-axis machining centres on the market. 

The letter X has been added to the BA3 series to identify the single table version. This variant combines all of the twin table 3 Series features such as the monobloc design and the box-in-box 3 axis unit. However, these models are equipped with a four-sided fixture beam that can be loaded and unloaded despite ongoing machining on its other faces. The BAX version is equipped with 2 or 4 satellites mounted on an SW-manufactured 5-axis rotary table. This is regarded as a notably cost effective, highly productive and above all a supremely accurate machine. For a better insight on what SW Machines can do for your business, contact SW Machines now.

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