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SW Machining Centre - Fast as a Racehorse

SW Machining Centre - Fast as a Racehorse

Added to MTDCNC by SW Machine Tools on 25 January 2017

If you are searching for the optimal performance for machining aluminium parts, look no further than the new BA W04 machining centre range from SW Machines. The impressive new W04 has direct drive technology in all axes making it as fast as a racehorse.

Equipped with linear motors in the X, Y and Z-axes and torque motors in the rotary axes, the new BA W04 minimises non-cutting time when machining non-ferrous metals. The 4-spindle version has established itself within a short period of time with its monobloc design, integrated 3-axis unit and a double swivel table. It is a classic SW machine that has attained the next level of stability and accuracy at the highest of acceleration rates that maintain maximum flexibility and productivity.

One or two SW 5-axis units with two or four satellites can be installed on all models. Flexible, highly productive, and reliable is how this machine is best described. The BA W04 is one of the fastest machining centres available and this speed is built upon the patented monobloc (QUBE) design that carries the 3-axis unit equipped with two or four spindles. The BA W04-22 is optionally available with two independent Z-axes or with a robust, block-type spindle head. The BA W04-42 is equipped with a block-type spindle head. Faster and more dynamic due to linear motors in X, Y and Z-axis.

The BA W04 Series is available in three configurations that provide a work area of 400 by 500 by 425mm in the X, Y and Z axis with a maximum load capacity of 450kg for each of the two positions. 

The machine has absolute measuring systems in all axes, a double swivel carrier with two fixture carriers that is hydraulically locked on both ends and driven via a torque motor. With in-cycle loading, the new offering has horizontally arranged clamping fixtures in an optimum ergonomic position. Direct workpiece loading can also be achieved via a loading gantry.

For medium and high volume production of complex, high-quality components, the BA W04 delivers complete machining in two setups. The clamping fixtures are directly mounted or alternately placed  on a 2 or 4-satellite planetary table configuration. All satellites incorporate torque drives and separate direct measuring systems that can be retrofitted at any time to maximise accuracy and dynamics.

Typically designed for 4 to 64 workpieces, the new BA W04 offers various tool magazine capacities with modular extension also possible.  For more info contact SW Machines.

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