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SW Slashes set-up times with new BA W06 Machining Centres
SW Slashes set-up times with new BA W06 Machining Centres

SW Slashes set-up times with new BA W06 Machining Centres

Added to MTDCNC by SW Machine Tools on 06 January 2017

Do you machine large aluminium workpieces such as gearbox housings or bedplates? Are they around 600mm long? Is a large proportion of your cycle times created by non-machining times? If so, the new BA W06 from SW Machines is a machining centre that you need to take a look at.

With a spindle distance of 600mm and being equipped with linear motors in the X, Y, and Z-axes as well as torque motors in all rotary axes, the new BA W06 is the ideal choice for your application. Available in three variants that include a single, twin or four spindle unit, this extremely rapid new machine combines reliability and maximum acceleration, making it perfectly suited for the machining of non-ferrous metals such as aerospace parts.

With a monobloc box-in-box design configuration, a 3-axis unit and a double swivel table, it is a classic SW machine that boasts rigidity, speed and flexibility. The BA W06-W and BA W06 are among the quickest machining centers available on the market. The BA W06-2W has an independent Z-axes and an integrated loading unit that is equipped for workpiece pick-up or loading via gantry or lift. The working area is extended by 200 mm in the Z-direction and swivel range is increased to 800 mm, allowing for tool lengths of up to 550 mm.

A belt conveyor loads the workpieces into the clamping fixture that is arranged overhead. Alternatively, workpieces can be loaded via robot or loading gantry. The W-axis, parallel to the Z-axis, has integrated rotary axes and is used to carry the clamping fixture back and forth between the loading area and the working area. With speed, flexibility and reducing set-up times at the core of this machine, it's something worth investigating...

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