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The SWISS DT13 coming to a machine shop near you
The SWISS DT13 coming to a machine shop near you

The SWISS DT13 coming to a machine shop near you

Tornos has introduced a raft of new innovations at the recent EMO exhibition, and one of its newest the Swiss DT 13 will be hitting the UK shores in early 2016. With five linear axes and two C-axes, this Swiss-type lathe is packed with new functions and offers a remarkably high performance level. 

The Swiss DT 13 is manufactured in the same factory as its other entry-level machines such as the CT20. With its cost effective product range, that comprises the Swiss DT, Swiss GT and Swiss ST series as well as the EvoDeco, SwissNano and MultiSwiss product lines, Tornos can offer customised solutions in any price range.

Proven kinematics designed for high speed

With its maximum feed rates of 35mm/min and L-type kinematics, the Swiss DT 13 is extremely fast with remarkable chip-to-chip times. The spindles can be operated upto a maximum speed  of  15,000rpm, a  speed  normally reserved for higher-value products. It should be noted that the machine is equipped with a brand- new motorised guide bush that synchronizes with the main spindle through the total speed range. This guide bush improves the machining accuracy and the surface finish of the workpieces and can save valuable seconds when on cycle time due to rapid acceleration and deceleration times.

High-performance spindles

Just like virtually all of the recent Tornos machines, the Swiss DT13 is equipped with a main spindle and a counter-spindle that have the same performance capabilities, boasting  world-class power output levels  (4.0/8.7kW). The machine base has been designed to allow the full utilisation of this outstanding spindle performance, meaning the DT13 performs just as well on difficult materials as it does on brass. Developed for bar capacities up to 13mm, with barstock preparation from 10mm.

Just as on the Swiss GT13 or the Swiss GT26, the motorised guide bush can easily be  removed. In less than 15 minutes, the machine can be configured to run shorter parts without bush and the TMI (Tornos Machine Interface) enables the spindle to be positioned automatically to work in this configuration. Leaving the guide bush connected and simply deposited in a bush support located in the headstock area means the changeover is quick and easy to do. 

Vast machining possibilities

Equipped with 21 tools including 7 driven tools, it is very easy for the DT13 to produce  complex  parts. As standard the machine has three driven tools located in the main gang tool post that can reach maximum speeds of 10,000rpm. Needless to say, if necessary high-frequency spindles can be mounted for micro machining operations. The end working tool post of the Swiss DT13 can be equipped with 4 front tool holders for main and back machining. So, simultaneous machining can now be performed with perfection! 

Compact machine and high-capacity bar feeder

With its width of just 87cm, the machine has an extremely advantageous footprint and can replace a cam-type machine in the workshop. In addition, as with the SwissNano access to the machine is largely done from the front or from the sides, which makes the installation of the DT13 much easier. Every Swiss-type lathe needs a bar feeder and the Swiss DT 13 is available with the new Tornos SBF213 bar feeder that offers a very interesting cost/ performance ratio.

Ease of programming

Thanks to the Tornos Machine Interface (TMI) programming and navigation with the  Fanuc  NC is extremely intuitive and fast. For the first time, a machine of this class is able to attract customers who may have felt this level of interaction is something only available on more expensive equipment. The programming and communication software TISIS also allows effortless programming and real-time process monitoring. 

Published on MTD CNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 27 October 2015

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