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SwissNano from Tornos the Watchmaking machine of the future

SwissNano from Tornos the Watchmaking machine of the future

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 09 April 2013

Tornos has a well established reputation in the field of bar turning for watchmaking, but never before the launch of SwissNano had a manufacturer gone so far ahead in design, ergonomics and integration research into a human-machine interface with a radical focus on efficiency and simplicity.

For more than 100 years, Tornos has been manufacturing machines aimed at watchmaking, and for around twenty years the company has been providing NC solutions to meet highly specific watchmaking requirements (Deco 7 & 10, Micro 7/8, Delta 12 and EvoDeco 10, to mention only a few). Therefore the company knows the market and has had its engineers pull out all the stops to develop a machine whose design stands out resolutely against other products in the market. The aim : to create a new category.

It is well known that design must bring together two aspects : aesthetics, which plays on emotional effect, and the practical aspects that work on both arational and emotional level. Mr. Renggli, the Tornos Marketing Manager, comments:

'We wanted to create a modern automatic turning machine with a 4mm capacity, occupying minimum floor space and with complete 180° access ; hence this frontal design, and the integration of a tablet in addition to the conventional control.'

Given the space constraints in watchmaking workshops, the machine was developed so as not to require any rear access. If necessary, it can even be placed against a wall. The machining area is protected by a ‘bubble’ and is accessible from all sides. Mr. Renggli, reports :

'The setup is user-friendly, not only is everything easily visible, but it also gives us ideal accessibility. We had a very positive experience.

The SwissNano was intended to be a resolutely, uncompromising watchmaking machine and its kinematics enable it to produce 2/3 of watch movement parts, from simple to complex parts, including for instance gear hobbing.

Regarding the precision and quality, Mr. Renggli tells us :

'The test customers have produced many types of part and the machine runs ‘like clockwork’, behaving to their complete satisfaction.'

The kinematic structure was designed for exemplary balance and thermal management. The axes and cast iron members are aligned symmetrically to the guide bush, and the thermal aspects are managed by mini-loops’ that prevent heat propagation. The structure is anchored on three damped points. What about the results ? Rigidity and vibration stability reach new peaks. Consequently, machining precision and quality are everything that they should be.

Mr. Renggli specifies: 'Results of the tests were never able to fault the machine, either with respect to the high precision required in watchmaking or in terms of quality of finish.'

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