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TDT Boxes-Up Technology With New Kafo Range of Machines
TDT Boxes-Up Technology With New Kafo Range of Machines

TDT Boxes-Up Technology With New Kafo Range of Machines

Added to MTDCNC by TDT Machine Tools Ltd on 22 March 2016

The impressive new line of Kafo KA Series of machining centres are now available from Rugby based TDT Technology and they have been setting the industry alight since their UK debut. Based on a box-structure design with linear guideways, the new KA range is the epitome of precision and performance that is delivered in a cost competitive package.

Available in three size variants that are identified as the KA24, KA32 and KA40, the KA line offers an X, Y and Z axis that stretches from 600 to 1050mm (X-axis), 400 to 520mm in Y-axis and a Z-axis of 400mm or 635mm depending upon the model selected. The smaller KA24 variant has a spacious table of 700 by 400mm whilst the KA32 and KA 40 have table sizes of 1000 by 520mm and 1150 by 520mm respectively. This considerable work area enables the KA range to accommodate large parts up to 500kg.

For more sizeable parts, the KA line has a spindle taper of BT30 and BT40 for the larger machines. This enables high stock removal rates particularly when combined with the 10,000, 12,000 or 15,000rpm spindle motor option and the 48m/min rapid feed rates.

The three axes motors and ballscrews are directly driven and pre-pulled to enhance precision levels and eliminate backlash. All this is jammed into a compact and robust design that has rear and side chip removal that demands less floor space than conventional machine tools. Like other machines in its range, the Kafo has a host of tantalising options that include laser inspection, 3D circular ball milling and a customised calculation software package. For further details on this impressive new range of machining centres, please contact TDT Technology via MTDCNC.

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