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TDT Technology Introduces 'One Hit' Wonder
TDT Technology Introduces 'One Hit' Wonder

TDT Technology Introduces 'One Hit' Wonder

Added to MTDCNC by TDT Machine Tools Ltd on 18 March 2016

Exceptional productivity levels and one-hit machining are just two of the many benefits that you can now achieve with the new Force One FCL-S Series of turning centre from Kafo. Now available in the UK from TDT Technology, the FCL-S Series is a range of single spindle slant bed turning centres with a tooling turret that enables the processing of complex parts.

The 45 degree slant bed machine has linear guides on the X and Z axes that demonstrate outstanding precision and repeatability levels. Furthermore, the spindle is transmitted through the pulley and spindle motor to enhance its high speed credentials and precision. The FCL-S Series has three models in the range,  the FCL-20, the FCL-25 and the FCL-30.

The FCL-20 has a 480mm swing over bed and a maximum turning diameter of 280mm whilst the larger FCL-25 has a swing over bed of 600mm and a maximum turning diameter of 300mm. The largest FCL-30 machine has a spacious swing over bed of 630mm and a maximum turning diameter of 442mm. All three machines have a working length up to 1m.

The construction of the machine consists of a meehanite casting, high performance servo motors that are directly coupled to the pre-tensioned ball screws and linear guideways. As standard, the FCL Series has a coolant pump, programmable tailstock, hydraulic power unit, Fanuc CNC control and air conditioned electrical cabinet. The optional extras include a part cut-off detector, bar feeding unit, a tool pre-setter and parts catcher that all combine to deliver a complete turning solution for the end user at an affordable price.

The three machines have a respective bar diameter capacity of 52, 65 and 77mm with a spindle bore of 61, 77 and 90mm. The FCL Series can achieve a spindle speed of 25- 4200 on the smallest machine and 10 to 3500rpm on the largest machine with the option of a high torque 10-2800rpm spindle. The spindle motor generates 9/11kW on the FCL-20 whilst the FCL-25 has an output of 11/15kW and the FCL-30 variant generates 15/18.5kW. This combination of power, precision and flexibility makes the new Kafo turning line something that is a force to be reckoned with. For further details, contact TDT Technology.

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