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TEK4 Announces Open House For Turbine and Jet Engine  Manufacturers

TEK4 Announces Open House For Turbine and Jet Engine Manufacturers

Added to MTDCNC by TEK4 on 31 August 2016

The company has recently doubled the size of the its Leicester headquarters and the event will provide customers with an opportunity to visit the new showroom, the new research centre and also take a look around the production facility. And of course, there will be a complete line-up of machine tools on display for customers to investigate the technologies available on TEK4 machines. 

Established in 2002, TEK4 specialises in EDM for fast hole drilling, combined EDM and laser machines for hole drilling and ceramic coating ablation, laser for drilling and cutting operations and also ECM for STEM drilling deep cooling holes in Gas Turbine components. The special process machine tools are used to drill cooling holes in the blades and vanes of jet engines and gas turbines using laser beams, chemical machining or EDM. To increase the efficiency of engines and turbines, ever increasing temperatures are used and this in turns necessitates a greater need for cooling.

With all TEK4 machines designed and manufactured in Leicester UK, the company is a genuine British innovation and manufacturing success story that has witnessed a turnover growth of over 400% during the last year. The company supplies machines to large multinational blue-chip OEMs and their supply chain and in 2016, over 75% of machines will be exported to continental Europe as well as India, USA and Mexico. This remarkable expansion is driven by the company's investment in developing new technology and bringing it to the market.

If you are involved in these industries, please contact TEK4 to confirm your attendance at the Open House event. If you can't attend the event, please visit the TEK4 website at: www.tek4.co.uk to witness a true UK manufacturing and innovation success story.


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