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Video media helps market the benefits of expensive machine tools

Video media helps market the benefits of expensive machine tools

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 12 May 2013

Machinery tools are pretty complicated and complex, especially with the technology that comes embedded in those modern devices.  With anywhere between hundred to thousand different parts making up a single heavy machine tool, it is no wonder that the costs involved in manufacturing, delivering, buying and maintaining has turned out to be astronomical.

In order to make a successful sale, newer and better ways of convincing the buyer to go for a specific make or model of a machine tool has become quite essential, today.  There are several ways of doing so, but none have proven to be more effective than a hands-on demonstration of the machine's functionality and prowess.

However, not all buyers are local or are part of the regional market.  Most machine tool manufacturers cater to clients overseas and many buyers look forward to making their product purchases online.  In order to make use of the above two factors, there is one business strategy that may prove to be useful and that is - Video Media.

Videos tend to be highly effective means of transferring information and knowledge, without having to be involved in the process personally.  This can reduce time-wastage as well, as the same video can be made available to a large set of clients, eliminating the need to have separate individual demonstrations of the tool for different clients.

If it is impossible to get the potential buyer in front of the desired machine in person, then one way of putting them together is to ‘virtually’ take the machine to the potential buyer.  Using online video media, one can showcase the advantages of a particular machine tool with an appropriate voiceover commentary by the sales team or even a hands-on commentary by a skilled (and trusted) technician.

In this way, the salient features of the particular model can be readily demonstrated.  This way, not only does the buyer gets some first-hand experience of the machine in operation, but also gets to see its features and capabilities in action.  Not only can the videos be accessible online, they can even be delivered to prospective clients who ask for demonstrations.  These clients are usually not located within the geographical location of the shop or the factory.

With the help of multiple social media sites, effective online marketing and video media, one can effectively market any machine tool and go that extra mile in making a successful sale, no matter what the cost of the tool may be.

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