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The Tornos Range Is Growing With The New BA1008 HP
The Tornos Range Is Growing With The New BA1008 HP
The Tornos Range Is Growing With The New BA1008 HP

The Tornos Range Is Growing With The New BA1008 HP

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 04 July 2016

Tornos recently introduced a new model to its Almac range, the BA1008 HP bar milling machine. Considered as the big sister of the BA1008, the new machine offers advancements that will appeal to even the most demanding of customers.

The HP acronym stands for 'High Pressure' and it allows machining with high-pressure coolant supply through the spindle at 120bar. This is a huge advantage for this type of machine as it significantly reduces drilling times, especially with deep-hole drilling. The peripheral fluid management system has been conveniently mounted on the rear side of BA1008 HP and this unit comprises a 120bar high-pressure pump for through spindle coolant supply, a 5 bar pump for flood coolant to the machining area, a plate heat exchanger for thermal stabilisation of the cutting oil and also a tank with a capacity of up to 300 litres.

Moreover, a transfer tank is installed on the side of the machine. This enables the cutting oil leaving the machining area to be filtered through a filter bag of 100µm, 50µm or 25µm and then through a 6 micron cartridge filter. This transfer tank has an oil capacity of 70 litres and includes a large 30 liter chip tray. The oil leaving the machining area will be perfectly filtered and passed on to the high-pressure tank. In this way, the cutting oil is cooled before it is used for high-pressure and flood coolant supply. The finished parts are carefully transported to a collecting tray that is easily accessible from the machine side. 

The ideal machine for expensive and precious metals

Apart from having an optimum chip filtration system, the BA1008 HP machine has been especially designed for machining metals with an inherently high residual value. To support this, the machining area is provided with a smooth walled enclosure, to minimise chip accumulation and considerably improve chip collection. The machine operator can now collect up to 99.97% of the material for recycling in less than 20 minutes.

Despite the large number of added features, the BA1008 HP is still a very compact machine with dimensions of 998mm by 3.2m by 1.69m. Today, Tornos and Almac offer a family of ultra-compact machines with a unique appearance regardless of whether its a Swiss-type or Multi-Spindle lathe, a bar milling machine or a mill/drill center with through spindle coolant supply. For further information, please contact your Tornos representative.

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