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Three turrets now available on the new Q200 from Victor CNC
Three turrets now available on the new Q200 from Victor CNC

Three turrets now available on the new Q200 from Victor CNC

Added to MTDCNC by Victor CNC Ltd on 04 September 2013

When the concept of fixed head, twin turret, turning centres arrived some years ago, it may have been hard for some to believe that a manufacturer could go one-step further and add a third turret into the equation.

A step ahead of the rest..

Introducing the Victor Vturn-Q200 Turning Centre, the latest product to be launched by Machine Tool Manufacturer, Victor Taichung. A turning centre equipped with either two or three bi-directional turrets and two matching spindles means this machine will improve production processes in factories throughout the world.

This new machine from Victor stands out from the competition in multiple ways. A whole new turning concept enables Victor to offer engineers a fixed head turning centre with the option of having three sixteen station turrets, a configuration rarely seen in today's market-place. In addition each turret is configured with a Y axis stroke of +/- 45mm and even more impressively all of the machines turrets are completely independent meaning they can perform machining operations on either spindle at any desired time.

Flexibility is the key with this machine;

The Q200 is a completely versatile turning solution. Manufacturers often look to multi-turret machines to reduce cycle times by machining parts on both spindles at the same time. One of the potential pitfalls with this style of machining is balancing operations in order to achieve simultaneous cycle times, thus maximising the use of the machine. Often components can't be balanced due to the nature of their intricacies, this is where the Q200 really scores. The third turret can be programmed to machine in conjunction with one or both of the other turrets, potentially helping to balance and improve cycle times on complex parts.

Furthermore, the Q200 turning centre has a Fanuc 31i control as standard. The very fact that this machine has 20 axes demonstrates the advancement in technology offered here by Victor. Ease of use and simple programming was a major consideration when introducing this level of technology. With a 15 inch LCD control included as standard, Victor Taichung's Fanuc 31i-B control package includes displaying technical information for each individual turret in one screen to let the machine operator be in full control. 3D cutting simulation can also be executed in MGI (Manual Guide i) and 2D cutting with 3 tools on both spindles can be done simultaneously in view.

Who would benefit from the Q200?

Engineers and manufacturers who are continuously looking for cycle time reductions and improvements in machining processes. Having a Machine Tool that can both turn, mill, drill both on and off centre on either spindle opens up huge possibilities. Delivering more production in a smaller floorspace summarises quickly what the new Q200 is all about. The Q200 turning centre can be specified to have either two or three turrets. This choice can be made at point of order and should be discussed with a Victor Machine Tool Specialist.

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