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Ellesco cuts corners with Timesavers 42WRB Series
Ellesco cuts corners with Timesavers 42WRB Series

Ellesco cuts corners with Timesavers 42WRB Series

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 30 July 2014

Since its recent introduction to the UK marketplace, the new Timesavers 42 Series WRB deburring and surface finishing machine from Ellesco has proven a remarkable success. The 42WRB machine now has a number of successful installations among OEM, Tier 1 and subcontract manufacturers that are intent upon achieving outstanding surface finish and quality levels for their finished parts.

Ideal for the deburring and edge rounding of laser, flame, plasma and waterjet cut parts as well as the finishing of punched and machined parts, the 42WRB can conduct the pre-grinding of heavy burrs and the final surface finishing of components in one pass. The innovative new machine can accomplish all this with its rotary brush carousel head that incorporates eight rotating brushes.

The W element of the WRB is the Wide belt abrasive head, which is the first contact point for parts passing through the component conveyor. This hard contact roller is primarily used for removing heavy burrs on plasma, laser and punched parts immediately after cutting. For customers aiming to achieve a specified level of surface finish or grain, the machine can be fitted with a secondary abrasive head that is the final stage in the finishing process.

The RB abbreviates the rotary brush, which is the unique selling point of this innovative machine. With eight brushes on a rotating carousel, each brush has its own rotating axis with four brushes working in a clockwise direction and another four operating counter clockwise. The abrasive stands flick across the entire surface and all edges of a part to provide an even radius on all corners. The level of radius is fully automated by programming the conveyor speed, the brush rotation speed, the rotation speed of the carousel and also the height setting that adjusts the level of pressure applied by the brushes.

The centralised control system on the Timesavers 42WRB machine enables the operator to select these parameters based on the component passing through the machine with remarkable ease. If a non-specific finish is required in instances where a multitude of various parts are continuously run through the Timesavers 42WRB, the operator can avoid setting all the automated parameters. In addition to this, flat shaped and even 3D parts with pockets and protrusions can be finished with exceptional accuracy and quality levels.

With a machine bed that is a vacuum conveyor, parts from 50 to 1350mm wide can be processed. This vacuum bed incorporates a powerful motor that enables most material types to be securely clamped. Furthermore, Ellesco can offer the Timesavers 42WRB with the option of an in-feed and out-feed table configuration to process parts of any length. The table feed conveyor speed can programmed at variable speeds from 0.5 to 8m/min whilst the motorised table opening system accommodates parts up to 100mm thick to be processed.

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