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THINK sees UK debuts of the new Tornos CT20 and GT26 turning centres
THINK sees UK debuts of the new Tornos CT20 and GT26 turning centres
THINK sees UK debuts of the new Tornos CT20 and GT26 turning centres

THINK sees UK debuts of the new Tornos CT20 and GT26 turning centres

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 29 August 2014

In conjunction with Matsuura, Tornos is delighted to announce the dates of its much anticipated annual Open House Event. From the 14th to the 16th of October, the THINK: Production 2014 event will be co-hosted by Tornos and Matsuura at their neighbouring facilities in Coalville, Leicestershire.

At the prestigious event, Tornos will be demonstrating the latest innovations in turning technology with four machines making their UK debut's, two of which will have just been launched at AMB in Stuttgart in September. In addition, Matsuura will be highlighting a host of new machine tool technologies. To complement these market leading brands, Fanuc, Delcam, Nikken and Edgecam have also been announced as exhibiting partners for the occasion. Additional exhibiting partners that are market leaders in cutting tools, workholding, machine monitoring, coolants and surface treatments will be announced shortly.

From a Tornos perspective, the sliding head lathe specialist will be giving UK debuts to the new CT20 and GT26 turning centres that will arrive fresh from their world premiere at AMB. Furthermore, Tornos will be giving its UK debut to the SwissNano turning centre that has been causing a stir in the micro manufacturing industry. Alongside these new innovations will be the robust and powerful ST26 turning centre and the new Almac CU3007 machining centre with a 5-axis Lehmann fixture.

The new Almac CU3007 will be making its UK debut at the event and as a high-performance 3 or 5-axis machine with a powerful 20,000rpm spindle and 60m/min rapid feed rate, this is a must see machine. Incorporating a HSK-E40 tool changer with 24 or 40 positions, the Almac CU3007 has a work envelope of 700 by 400 by 470 in the X, Y and Z-axis respectively. The machine will be demonstrated with a Lehmann 5 axis table.

The new Swiss GT26 has been developed as an ergonomic turning centre that can operate with or without a guide bush with a modular tooling system on the rear platten. This enables the GT26 to deliver unsurpassed quality and precision with simple and user friendly setting and adjusting.

Available in both 5 and 6-axes versions, the Swiss GT26 range offers excellent versatility for workpieces up to 25.4mm diameter. The 6-axis version of the Swiss GT26 can be fitted with up to 39 tools, including 16 rotating tools. The Y-axis offers greatly increased machining capability in secondary operation and allows some complex workpieces to be produced without reworking.

As for the debut of the CT20/5, this new machine has been developed for simple to moderately complex part production and is the best machine available for a fast return on investment. Suitable for components up to 20mm diameter and with 5 linear axes, the CT20 has two independent tool systems and a total of 26 tool stations with up to 10 rotating tools.

Tornos is excited to introduce these new machines to the UK; and for any customers looking for an efficient, productive and robust line of turning centres with astounding Swiss quality, please come along to the THINK: Production 2014 event in Coalville.

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