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Tornos launch First High Precision VMC

Tornos launch First High Precision VMC

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 16 December 2012

To complement its extensive range of Tornos turning centres and Almac high precision machining centres, Tornos Almac has now launched its first vertical machining centre, the CU2007.  Demonstrated for the first time at the Coalville company's recent Technology Event, the CU2007 is an extremely precise and productive machining centre that offers variations for three to full five axis machining.

Delivering speed, dynamism and extremely high precision, the CU2007 provides all the qualities an end user would expect from the manufacturer of Swiss precision CNC turning centres. Like other machine tools under the Tornos brand, the Almac CU2007 consists of a rigid cast iron construction and structural durability that allows high load capacities during machining. With a work table that accommodates loads up to 250kg and an envelope of 470, 500 and 400mm respectively in Z, X and Y-axes, the compact machining centre offers reliability, precision and the functionality that customers of this innovative manufacturer are all too familiar with. A sister machine called the CU3007 offers an X axis stroke increased to 700mm.

The powerful spindle offers 20,000rpm that is thermally regulated for stability whilst the HSK40 tool holder and feed rate capability of 60m/min highlight the potential for high material removal rates. With an axis acceleration beyond 1G and centrally lubricated roller guideways, the Tornos Almac guarantees exceptional surface finishes and precision.

The directly driven spindle suppresses noise and vibration to further enhance stability and precision whilst the torque level of 11.8Nm gives the spindle short acceleration phases. The tool carousel as standard holds 24 tools or 40 tools as an option. This provides a 0.8 second tool change time that equates to a chip-to-chip time of under 3 seconds. Despite its compact envelope, the HSK-E40 interface on the Tornos Almac can hold tool diameters up to 80mm with lengths up to 200mm and tool weights up to 1.2kg.

For customers demanding the 5-axis version, a fully integrated rotary table is installed to ensure end users can machine extremely small and accurate structures, holes, slots and pockets to very tight tolerances. The new Tornos CU2007 is driven by an extremely powerful Fanuc 31iB-5 control unit that exceeds the expectations of end users.

From an aesthetics standpoint, Tornos has designed all its new machine tools with the operator in mind, and the Almac is no different. It provides a good view of the work envelope with bright lighting and smooth, steep walls to send the swarf directly to the base of the machine. With a chip wash-down system and an optional coolant mist extraction device, the Almac ensures the operator isn't wasting time cleaning the work station or waiting for mist evaporation.

As with all Tornos machine tools, the CU2007 is as well suited to small one-off complex workpieces as it is to simplistic parts in long production runs. Regardless of the application, the Almac CU 2007 can be tailored to meet the needs of the end user. Tornos offers a number of additional extras with the machining centre, such as a tool pre-setting system, part probing system, mist extraction device and a chip conveyor. Additional options can be supplied to suit the demands of the customer.

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