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Tornos Launches New 38mm Turning Centre

Tornos Launches New 38mm Turning Centre

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 17 September 2012

With the arrival of the Delta 38/5 machine, Tornos has slightly increased the range of parts that can be produced through traditional sliding head bar turning. With a capacity of 38mm, this turning machine with its 5 linear axes and two C-axes and can hold up to 31 tools to offer a number of concrete advantages to boost its market appeal.

John McBride, the General Manager of Tornos UK, explains : “The Delta 38 machine has provoked a lot of interest among our customers; not only does it offer a lot of extra dimensional capacity, it’s also a very robust and rigid machine that allows customers to remove a great deal of material. The spindle/guide bush system with integrated motor also allows the drop length to be drastically reduced compared to conventional technology”.

Tornos has just unveiled a new version of this machine, the Delta 38/5BL  that can operate without a guide bush. This makes the new Delta 38/5 turning centre a little closer to an ‘all-purpose’ machine.

High torque and power

The turning machine is ahead of competitor machines in terms of both diameter and power. Weighing 4.6 tonnes with a main spindle generating a maximum power of 11kW and a torque of 70Nm, combined with 20x20 cross section turning tools, this is a high-performance machine that can remove large quantities of swarf.

With or without guide bush? It’s up to you

For producing short parts with a length up to 2.5 times the diameter to a maximum length of 100mm, Tornos recommends the Delta 38/5BL. Operating without a guide bush, this machine can be used to machine bars with a lower level of finish than is obtained on a version with a guide bush. This can result in considerable savings on the cost of materials.

Not only is the loaded material less expensive; the drop length is also reduced as much as possible. “For short parts, the BL machine is a must. The diametric tolerance of the raw bar becomes less critical and the drop length is reduced to its simplest form; this helps to bring down material costs," explains Tornos Marketing Manager Mr Brice Renggli.

Two basic versions

The versions with and without a guide bush offer a comprehensive range of equipment. Both include a 4-position radial tool holder block (3 x ER16, 1 x ER20) offering 8 turning tool positions, as well as a horn with 5 positions for axial machining in both operation and secondary operation. The Delta 38/5
is also equipped with a motor on the rear platten. This accommodates a dual drilling/milling device that can be fitted with up to 4 rotating tools (without rigid tapping) to be mounted for both operation and secondary operation. The secondary operation tool holder block can be fitted with up to 5 fixed or rotating tools. This means that the Delta 38 versions with and without a guide bush can be equipped with up to 13 rotating tools.

For straightforward to medium-complexity parts

In addition to the well-known Deco and Sigma machines, the Delta range offers all the equipment necessary for producing straightforward to medium complexity parts at a very attractive price. It’s a safe bet that the Delta 38 machine will achieve the same level of success as the Delta 12 and Delta 20 machines. For further information, please contact your local Tornos representative.

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