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Tornos To Launch TISIS 2.0 Software at MACH 2016
Tornos To Launch TISIS 2.0 Software at MACH 2016

Tornos To Launch TISIS 2.0 Software at MACH 2016

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 07 January 2016

With 'Industry 4.0' being the most recent buzzword in the sector, Tornos UK will be giving a UK exhibition debut to its TISIS 2.0 software package at MACH 2016. As the first machine tool builder to embrace the 4th industrial revolution, the programming and machine management software designed for all Tornos products conforms to Industry 4.0 and will be demonstrated throughout the exhibition on stand 5749.

The concept of Industry 4.0 is quite simple. By adding sensors and intelligence at various positions in the manufacturing process, the “factory” has the ability to communicate with peripheral systems as well as with the machine for the purposes of optimizing processes and developing operational improvement. Against the background of this continuous data flow, the role of the operator changes whereby they can remotely monitor the production and intervene when necessary.

To aid the management of such situations, the operator will get more and more interactive means of interfacing with the machine and intervention will no longer be confined to a simple keyboard. With TISIS i4.0, the operator already has remote access via tablet and smart phone technology. Viewing all machine related data as well as the production monitoring data in real time in accordance with the Industry 4.0 standards, is simply and easily obtained via clear and uncomplicated graphics.

The TISIS package has continually evolved since its launch some two years ago, with TISIS 2.0, the next generation package recently receiving its world premiere at EMO in Milan. In 2015, Tornos unveiled TISIS 1.6, a system for users that only needed ISO editor facility and didn’t require any of the other available software features that are now on offer. This version was well received and responding to market demands, Tornos now offers two TISIS versions, the full version and a simplified version called TISIS Light.

Packed with next generation technology TISIS 2.0 means from now on, tool set-up is possible using a plug and play camera that can be easily installed in the machining area. The video streaming function of the camera via the TISIS application provides a view into the heart of the machining area from wherever you are. Thanks to the monitoring function and a preliminary calibration sequence, this camera can also be used for measuring purposes, which is available as part of the Connectivity Pack.

A library function for ISO machining processes comes equipped with a certain number of elements. However, users can add to this with their own machining processes. Program creation is much faster, as writing the complete part program is no longer required and only the dimensional values of the program must be adapted, which drastically reduces the risk of errors. For users of iOS products (iPhone, iPad) that want to monitor their machine fleet or an individual machine using their preferred Apple device rather than Android based technology, TISIS 2.0 also caters for these customers.

If you are interested in how the fourth industrial revolution fits into the modern machine tool, come and see by visiting the Tornos Stand (5749) at MACH.


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