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Tornos’ New Swiss ST26 to get MACH debut
Tornos’ New Swiss ST26 to get MACH debut
Tornos’ New Swiss ST26 to get MACH debut

Tornos’ New Swiss ST26 to get MACH debut

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 17 April 2014

As MACH debut's go, it couldn't have been better for the ST26 turning centre from Tornos with a sale at the show. Purchased by Precision Aerospace Components (PACE), the ST26 was acquired as part of a company strategy to replace ageing sliding head turning centres.

However, the ST26 wasn't purchased just to update older technology; its ability to conduct simultaneous rough and finish machining (balance turning) with two tools will improve cycle times and component quality for the aerospace manufacturer. The ST26 machine was initially developed as a simple machine to cover a wide range of requirements for the Asian and American markets; however its success has now seen a CE version created for the European market, which was launched at MACH.

Equipped with 7 linear axes and 2 C-axes, the new ST26 has been positioned in the same price range as machines equipped with 5 to 6 linear axes. It completes Tornos mid-range offering, sitting between the EvoDeco, a flexible solution with excellent production capabilities and the Gamma, a machine with proven performance for machining moderately complex workpieces.

The ST26 has the capacity for workpiece diameters to 25.4mm and lengths of 220mm that is encased in a 2300 by 1300 by 1700mm (length x width x height) footprint. With a weight of 3300kg and a spindle and counter spindle power of 11kW, the new ST26 offers all the precision and rigidity a customer could require.

Also drawing the attention at MACH was the show debut of the EvoDeco 32. Regarded as the most powerful machine tool in its class, the concept behind the EvoDeco line is to uphold the overall philosophy that has underpinned the success of the Deco line, while strengthening key elements in order to improve machining performance, thereby making the machines even more competitive. A key aspect of the EvoDeco is its new spindle with built-in synchronous motor. This technology is a first on a sliding headstock machine and was previously inaugurated on Tornos multi-spindle machines a few years ago. The power, productivity and precision of this line proved to generate significant interest at the show.

Completing the line-up of new machines at MACH, Tornos introduced the Almac CU2007 to show visitors for the first time. The CU 2007 boasts a simple, robust cast iron structure with an X, Y and Z strokes of 500/400/470mm respectively. The machine base and the column are generously sized to ensure the machine offers a high level of stability, repeatability and precision. To further reinforce this precision, the column has just one vertical axis (Z axis). The work table can withstand an increased load (250 kg) and support the two X and Y numerical axes. The machines can be equipped with HSK-E-40 tool holders, with 24- or 40-position magazines and the tool changeover only takes 0.8 seconds to give a chip-to-chip time of less than 3 seconds. It is this spacious footprint that works in harmony with an extremely robust, precise and productive machine that drew attention from show visitors. Moreover, the CU2007 gained a high level of enquiries from stand visitors that are keen to acquire machines from the Tornos stable because of its outstanding reputation for quality and productivity - yet had not seen the Tornos line of machining centres until the show.

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