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Tornos’ New Swiss ST26 CE arrives in Europe
Tornos’ New Swiss ST26 CE arrives in Europe

Tornos’ New Swiss ST26 CE arrives in Europe

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 04 October 2013

Making its world exhibition debut at IMTS in September 2012, followed by DMP 2012 in China and more recently EMO 2013, the Tornos Swiss ST26 was developed as a simple machine covering a wide range of requirements for the Asian and American markets. Building on its success in these markets, the company has decided to produce a CE version for Europe.

Equipped with 7-axes, the newcomer will be positioned as a direct competitor to machines equipped with 5 or 6-axes and will be available in the same price range. It completes Tornos mid-range offering, sitting between the EvoDeco, a flexible solution with excellent production capabilities and the Gamma, a machine with proven performance for machining moderately complex workpieces.

The ST26 has the capacity for workpiece diameters to 25.4mm and lengths of 220mm that is encased in a 2300 by 1300 by 1700mm (length x width x height) footprint. With a weight of 3300kg and a spindle and counter spindle power of 9.5kW, the new ST26 offers all the precision and rigidity a customer could require.

Initial feedback

With the first machines already delivered, the company decided to find out what customers thought of the new ST26. They are all impressed by two things in particular: the kinematics that offer two independent plattens, the rear of which can work on the bar and perform back operations. This enables several machining operations to be executed concurrently. The other factor of note is the identical operation and back operation spindles, which are both powerful and highly responsive. The combination of these two components enables a balanced setup between the two sides of the workpiece being machined. It also supports the production of relatively complex workpieces on such a ‘simple’ machine. Three tools can be engaged in the material simultaneously. Back operations are performed simultaneously with platten 1 that allows work to continue on the guide bush.

A high-tech spindle

Completely developed and produced in Moutier, the synchronous type spindle delivers 9.5kW as well as super-fast acceleration and deceleration from 0 to 10,000rpm in 0.9 seconds. It is by far the most powerful and responsive machine on the market in this product category. Equipped with an integrated cooling system, the spindles contribute to the machine's thermal stability to deliver increased precision.

Several tools available

Equipped with a Deco type tool system, the machine can take up to 36 tools, including 16 rotating tools. Numerous devices are available for specific operations, such as polygon operations, thread-whirling processes and milling. Serge Villard, the Product Manager at Tornos, explains: 'The Swiss ST26 has been designed to competitively produce all types of workpiece and is intended in particular for the medical and automotive markets. Its kinematics and synchronous spindle motor make it up to 30% more efficient than its direct competitors with 5 or 6 linear axes'.

Three offerings for three product categories

The Swiss ST 26 is offered as standard in three versions. The starter, the advanced and Medtech. These three packs include a variety of equipment suited to the type of workpieces to be produced. Depending on the requirements, the company can also supply additional equipment such as chip conveyor, high pressure pump or oil mist extractor. As Mr. Villard continues: 'We are obviously not in the same league as the EvoDeco in terms of the machining possibilities and options available, however for a machine with a price tag similar to that of our competitors, we are offering more flexibility and power'.

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