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Tornos To Show New Innovations at EMO
Tornos To Show New Innovations at EMO

Tornos To Show New Innovations at EMO

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 14 June 2013

At the EMO show this year, Tornos will be taking innovation to a new level with a number of new product launches. The Hanover event will see the Swiss turning specialist introduce its new EvoDeco 32, the Almac CU1008, the Almac SwissNano F, the SwissNano and the award winning MultiSwiss 6X14 as well as a number of new machines yet to be announced.

The new EvoDeco 32 now gives the EvoDeco machine range a diameter range from 2 to 32mm capacity. The concept behind the EvoDeco line is to uphold the overall philosophy that has underpinned the success of the Deco line, while strengthening key elements in order to improve machining performance, thereby making the machines even more competitive.

The new EvoDeco 32 incorporates a new spindle with built-in synchronous motor. This technology is a first on a sliding headstock machine. The constant torque enables more substantial turning operations to be performed. According to users, the biggest difference lies in the acceleration and deceleration achieved by the motor. The cycle time of parts requiring numerous stops is therefore improved, in some cases by up to more than 30%. Synchronous technology is also part of Tornos’ environmental policy, since synchronous technology provides better efficiency than induction technology.

Additionally, the frame has been reinforced and optimised by finished elements, resulting in stronger tool gripping and better surface finishes. Furthermore, the EvoDeco 32 has a new modular rotating unit to increase machining options, a new unit with 3 rotating spindles (ESX 16) is now offered for the EvoDeco 32. Thanks to this unit, which can be mounted on all workstations, the maximum number of rotating tools for the EvoDeco 32 has been increased to 19. This means that a greater range of parts can be produced.

The power and precision of the EvoDeco will be shown alongside the highly productive, flexible, accurate and easy to use MultiSwiss 6X14. The multi-spindle turning machine with 14mm capacity offers unrivalled efficiency and a rapid return on investment.

The new MultiSwiss now takes Multi-spindle machines to a new plateau, bridging the gap between single-spindle and multi-spindle lathes. It is equipped with 6 sliding headstock spindles that use torque motor technology for barrel indexing. Its ultra-high speed makes it possible to achieve near cam driven multi-spindle cycle times. The main benefits are its ergonomic design that provides excellent access and easy control and phenomenal flexibility that enables rapid set-up and changeovers. Additional benefits include its productivity that provides competitive price per part.

With completely open access at the front, the operator can get 'right inside the machine'. Another strength of the machine is the seamless integration of all the necessary peripherals. As standard, the MultiSwiss includes the feeder, the management system for swarf and oil with dual filtration incorporating a paper filter system (filtration to 50µ) in addition to an ultra fine filter (5µ). The list of options has been reduced as the oil mist extractor, chip conveyor, fire prevention system and high pressure pump have been designed to integrate seamlessly into the machine.

For smaller intricate work in small work spaces, the Swiss Nano machine has been developed so it doesn't require any rear access. If necessary, it can even be placed against a wall. The machining area is protected by a ‘bubble’ and is accessible from all sides.

The Swiss Nano was intended to be a resolutely, uncompromising watchmaking machine and its kinematics enable it to produce 75% of the moving parts in a watch. However, in the UK, Tornos envisages this machine making a significant impact in the production of small connectors and the electronic industry.

With a footprint of 1.8 X 0.65 X 1.6m (LxWxH) and a maximum workpiece diameter of 4mm, the Swiss Nano incorporates an X1/Y1 tooling platten with seven turning tools with maximum shank dimensions of 8 X 8mm. The Swiss Nano also has the capacity for three end mounted tools with a diameter up to 16mm as well as another two end mounted tools for counter-operations.

Europes showcase event will also be the launching platform for the Swiss ST range with the ST26B on show at EMO. Developed to be a mid-range machine capable of competitively producing relatively complex parts, the Swiss ST 26B has seven linear axes, two C axes, a B-axis, high machining capacity and extremely competitive pricing.

The Swiss ST 26 can be equipped with up to 36 tools, including 20 driven tools. The modular concept enables optimal distribution of rotating tools on the machine’s tool systems. The Swiss ST 26 is available with a complete range of devices, including a polygon tool, radial and frontal drilling/milling devices, inclined drilling/milling device, thread whirling tool and HF spindles. It is also possible to equip the machine with a variety of peripheral devices, such as high pressure pumps, oil mist extraction and coolant temperature stabilisers.

As well as the already mentioned exciting new innovations, Tornos will be unveiling two additional new machines at the show. To witness the true evolution of the machine tool, please visit our stand in Hall 17, Stand B04 at EMO.

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