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Tornos Launches Cost Effective Turning Centre for Complex Parts at EMO
Tornos Launches Cost Effective Turning Centre for Complex Parts at EMO

Tornos Launches Cost Effective Turning Centre for Complex Parts at EMO

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 17 July 2015

The Tornos family of Swiss GT turning centres is now expanding with the introduction of the new Swiss GT13 machine, which will receive its world première at the forthcoming EMO exhibition in Milan. The engineers at Tornos have worked tirelessly to develop a new machine concept that more than satisfies the customers' low capitol cost and high performance demands. This will all be highlighted at EMO in Hall 4, Stand C08-D09.

Targeted at the precision production of medium to highly complex parts up to 13mm diameter, the Swiss GT13 is the ideal machine tool for the medical, micro-mechanical and electronics sectors. Commenting upon the latest innovation to roll off the Tornos production line, Tornos' Marketing and Competitive Intelligence Manager, Mr Brice Renggli says: 'The cost to performance ratio of this small machine is unbeatable. You can do almost everything a complex machine could do, but for half of the price. The ingenious kinematics and tooling configuration, positions this machine in the 'mid-range' price bracket whilst being able to tackle almost every turned part on the market efficiently.'

In brief, the new Swiss GT13 incorporates a Y-axis with 8 tool positions that can work on both the main and counter-spindle that each perform independently. With identical power ratings on both spindles and a total of 30 tool positions, the GT13 has 22 tool positions on the main platen and 8 in counter-operation, 12 of these positions can be rotating tools.  The tool stations can be equipped with specialist devices such as angled milling devices, polygon cutters, thread whirling, gear hobbing and dual drilling tools to name a few. By combining this capability with the 6-axis kinematics, the GT13 is able to tackle almost every conceivable turned part, despite its modest mid-range positioning in the market.
This impressive new addition to the Tornos line has been equipped with a brand new 15,000 rpm spindle that features the company's brand new motorized guide-bush design. The convertible guide-bushless configuration now sees the guide bush simply sit in a special support in the spindle area when it is not required. The result is a changeover time of less than 15 minutes. For competitor machines, the guide bush has to be disconnected and this is a process that prolongs set-up and job changeover times considerably for the customer. This motorised guide-bush design also allows the machine to run at maximum rpm whilst increasing the precision and surface finish of parts whilst reducing the vibration and the consequent impact on tool life.
With the same spindle rating on both the main and counter-operation spindles, customers have greater flexibility and productivity at their finger-tips, so there is no need to balance more demanding operations toward the main spindle any longer. To manage all this power, the Tornos engineers have  increased the size of the machine base to guarantee stability and performance. Despite incorporating an oversized base, the Swiss GT13 has a very compact layout that is well presented with Tornos intuitive Tornos Machine Interface (TMI) that can be programmed as a numerical control unit or via Tornos' own TISIS software to enhance user friendliness.

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