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Toshiba Leads the Way With New Heavy Duty Horizontal Borer

Toshiba Leads the Way With New Heavy Duty Horizontal Borer

Heavy manufacturing has now taken a step to being more productive with the arrival of the new Toshiba BTH-130.R24 horizontal boring centre from Leader CNC. This colossal machine tool has been developed to provide large scale manufacturers with exceptional horizontal boring capability, together with the productivity and flexibility achieved from a machining centre.

Within its relatively compact 7M by 7M footprint, the Toshiba BTH-130.R24 provides a working envelope of 3M by 2.3M by 1.5M in the X, Y and Z-axes, with the W-axis quill extension of 700mm providing extra reach. This spacious work area is built around one of the most robust and rigid machining platforms available, something that will deliver incomparable machining performance for manufacturers in the aerospace, oil & gas, power generation and transport industry sectors. Furthermore, the BTH has step-type column guide-ways that withstand the cutting forces to assure machining performance with virtually no thermal displacement.

Whilst the rigidity and robustness of the 45,000kg machine is the envy of the industry, the design of the spindle demonstrates equally impressive performance characteristics. The BTH-130.R24 has oversized, widely spaced spindle bearings to absorb high loads and the entire unit is nitrided, hardened and precision ground to ensure precision over the life of the machine. The spindle is contained within an oil jacket that provides constant oil-mist to further minimise thermal displacement and guarantee high precision machining. An automatically actuated end clamp helps to support deep hole boring operations.

Driving this technologically ground-breaking spindle configuration is a 45kW motor with a 3-step (low, middle and high speed) drive system that provides a wide speed range whilst also providing maximum torque. Toshiba offers the machine with several options, including a long nosed spindle with a 700mm extension and spindle direction (C-axis) control for single point spring necked turning for oil grooves.

As with any machine in this bracket, the tool capacity is a crucial factor. In this department, the BTH-130.R24 provides an automatic tool changer with an option of 38, 60, 90 or 120 stations. The maximum tool length is 400mm with a tool weight of 25kg and a diameter up to 240mm. The spindle taper is a face/taper contact BBT50.

From a flexibility standpoint, the BTH-130.R24 reduces component set-up times through its standard B-axis table. Driven by a servo motor, the B-axis table introduces a revolutionary new clamping system that works in harmony with a rigid double pinion-type drive and rotary scale system that stabilises precision indexing. With a workpiece capacity of 20,000kg, the innovative new B-axis drive system can index from 0 to 90 degrees in 15 seconds with an indexing repeatability of +/-1.5 degrees. In addition, Leader CNC can offer the new BTH-130.R24 with an optional NC rotary milling feature, which permits continuous control of the B-axis for the machining of cylindrical parts.

For the end user, this combination of features provides maximum material removal, high feed rates and a rigid platform that delivers productivity benefits through tool life savings, superior surface finishes and precision levels that are often beyond those of alternate machines in this size bracket.

As the driving force behind the flexible new machine, Toshiba’s latest TOSNUC999 CNC control, using standard ISO programming, gives the end user the option of easily switching between manual, MDI and fully automatic machining modes. The control provides a number of unique features including a multi-window display for simultaneous visual control of two different programs and offset data, a multi-editing function for creating new programs by referring to previous programs and also the ability to customise keys on the control unit for repetitive operations.

Published on MTD CNC by on 03 March 2015

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