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Impressive new UMC 750 5-axis machine from Haas
Impressive new UMC 750 5-axis machine from Haas
Impressive new UMC 750 5-axis machine from Haas

Impressive new UMC 750 5-axis machine from Haas

Added to MTDCNC by HAAS Automation on 12 January 2015

As one of the UK's leading machine tool suppliers with sales in excess of 40 units each month, HAAS Automation can expect sales to increase throughout 2015 with the introduction of the impressive new UMC 750 5-axis machining centre. Designed for 3+2 and full 5-axis simultaneous machining, the new UMC 750 is a heavy duty machining centre with a large bed capacity that is an extremely popular choice with the global company selling a UMC 750 every day.

The work envelope of the new addition to the HAAS stable is 762mm in the X-axis with 508mm in both the Z & Y axes. This allows for machining of parts up to 686mm diameter and up to 300kg. The B- axis has a rotation of +110 to -30 degrees whilst the C-axis provides full 360 degree rotation. Accessing this spacious work area has been simplified with a design that incorporates large frontal doors and an open top for simplified part loading that is complimented by a spindle column that can be moved to create space to accept large parts. With shop floor space at a premium, this large robust machine provides a compact footprint of under 3m square.

The build quality is extremely robust with a fully cast base that improves rigidity and the consequent surface finishes, tool life and precision. Furthermore, it enables the customer to conduct heavier cutting and therefore improve productivity. To support heavy machining the HAAS UMC 750 incorporates a 30hp/22.4kW vector drive motor with maximum spindle speeds of 8100, 12000 and 15000rpm available as options.

 An important feature of the new machine is its dynamic off-set feature that enables the user to program a part relative to the component rather than program a part relative to a point on the machine tool. This improves flexibility and enables the customer to touch the job with a touch probe, locate the position and immediately start the machining cycle.

To enhance unmanned machine utilisation and reduce set-up times, the UMC 750 has a 40 tool carousel and a swarf extraction channel that runs directly under the work envelope to swiftly remove chips from the machine.

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