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Unisign Unipent 4000 with integrated palletised FMS system now available

Unisign Unipent 4000 with integrated palletised FMS system now available

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 08 April 2013

McDowell Machine Tool Solutions can now offer Scottish manufacturers Unisigns’ latest vertical machining centre, the Unipent 4000 with integrated palletised FMS system.

Representing the latest generation of UNISIGN vertical machining centres, the UNIPENT 4000 combines powerful machining capabilities in 5 axes with highly dynamical machine features and highest product accuracy. The UNIPENT 4000 is the result of a continuing development process, incorporating experiences obtained during the development and manufacturing of vertical machining centres over a period of more than 30 years.

The front face of the UNIPENT 4000 base incorporates a clamping face at a 45° angle to the horizontal plane. Integrated in this frame is the rotating and tilting table for 5-axes machining and positioning of complex components. The inclined front face facilitates easy chip and coolant flow.

The UNIPENT 4000 can be equipped with a high dynamics package and high accuracy package. The high dynamics package gives the machine accelerations of 10 m/s2 en rapid speeds of 60 m/min in all linear axes. The C-axis speed of the rotating and tilting table is increased to 52 rpm.
The high accuracy package with linear scales in all axes, two in Y-direction for the two-sided drive system, makes the machine predestined to be successfully utilised in manufacturing systems with highest accuracy requirements.

The integration of a FMS system or palletised cell means the UNIPENT 4000 can now function in a lights out environment. The system can be integrated as a cell with 1 machine and a static robot loading and unloading from a pallet hive or as a multi machine FMS system with a traversing robot loading and unloading from a more conventional shelf type system.

The machines integrated with the system can be isolated and used as a manned machine resulting in a more functional, flexible system. Each machine can have tool storage increased to 180 tools and multiple loading stations can be fitted to cope with the increased productivity this system delivers.


X-axis – 1000mm
Y-axis – 1000mm
Z-axis – 600mm

Rotary Table – 800mmx800mm
Swing Circle – Ø1000mm

Spindle Speed – 12,000rpm (optional 16,000/25,000rpm)
Spindle Power – 36kW (optional 58/100kW)
Spindle Torque (Nm) 180 (135/90)

Feed Rate X/Y/Z (m/min) – 48/48/48 (optional 60/60/60)

Download the Brochure here...http://mcdowellmts.com/products/pdfs/UNIS_unipent4000_EN.pdf

The Unipent 4000 can be viewed in action on the McDowell youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKDLcysP5UI

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