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Victor CNC Takes-Off With New 5-axis VMC Range

Victor CNC Takes-Off With New 5-axis VMC Range

Added to MTDCNC by Victor CNC Ltd on 11 May 2017

Victor CNC has now announced the arrival of the latest additions to its range of high-end machining centres, the Vcenter-AX800, the AX800II and the AX800 Aero 320. Developed for the 5-axis machining of large parts in the range of 1m diameter, the new Vcenter AX800 is a precision powerhouse that now has an AX800II and Aero 320 variant that have been added for the ever diversifying demands of end users

The impressive new Vcenter AX800 has been configured with a swivelling head B-axis and a rotating C-axis table that is clamped at a high torque of 3433Nm for heavy duty machining. As can be expected from Victor CNC, the AX800 has been built with rigidity and performance at the core of its design. This is evident in the B-axis that has a Hirth coupling that will rotate at increments of 1 degree with exceptional precision and repeatability.

With its 4+1 machining configuration, the AX800 has a rotary table built into the fixed table for enhanced flexibility whilst the roller CAM driven mechanism for both rotary axes delivers unparalleled rigidity and stiffness. Ideal for heavy cutting operations, this CAM mechanism gives the Vcenter AX800 high rotation speeds of 25rpm on the C-axis. Furthermore, the CAM mechanism shortens cycle times considerably when compared to conventional worm gear mechanisms found in many machine tools.

All this is mounted upon heavy-duty Meehanite castings that are used for the bed and column to ensure maximum vibration damping and strength characteristics. The column is extremely rigid and tough with a heavily ribbed design that enables high Z-axis acceleration rates for high speed movement.

The rotary table has a diameter of 800mm with a loading capacity 1200kg, which makes it suitable for loading large or heavy parts. With a work envelope of 1600mm by 700mm by 600mm in the X, Y and Z axes, the spacious machining centre is remarkably capable, flexible and spacious for sizeable parts often machined in the aerospace, automotive, energy and mould and die sectors. However, customers looking for even more capacity can specify the new AX800II. With this variant, Victor has moved the C-axis rotary table forward by 100mm. This alteration gives the AX800II capacity to machine components up to 1200mm as opposed to 1m on the AX800. Giving the AX800II a maximum machining capacity of 1200mm diameter with a height of 300mm, this upgraded model gives customers even greater machining flexibility and capacity, all within the same compact footprint.

Evolving the machine a step further for particularly complex components and especially thin walled parts that are manufactured in the aerospace industry, Victor CNC has also introduced the new AX800 Aero 320. With the new AX800 Aero 320, the bar has been raised in machine tool technology. Victor CNC has removed the C-axis that is on the standard AX800 and AX800II models and replaced it with twin-rotary tables (A-axis). Incorporating synchronous control technology, this new variant makes it possible to precision machine extremely delicate and thin walled parts such as aerospace engine and turbine components as well as structural aerospace parts.

Utilising full 5-axis control via the FANUC 31i-B5 CNC control unit, the AX800 Aero 320 manages the twin rotary tables and tilting head with seamless simplicity and synchronicity. This exciting addition to the AX800 range incorporates a HSK-A63 spindle configuration with a table diameter of 320mm plus an adjustable span between the tables.

From the perspective of optional extras, the new Vcenter AX800 range can be supplied with Heidenhain TNC-640 as an alternative to the standard Fanuc Control, Through Spindle Coolant from 20 to 70bar, a variety of swarf conveyor systems, hydraulic or pneumatic ports on the rotary table, linear scales and angular encoders, automatic tool length measurement, automatic part measuring, along with additional options that can be specified which include oil hole coolant supply, table shower system, spindle configuration and automatic doors. For further details on the new Vcenter AX800, the AX800II or the Aero 320, please contact Victor CNC.

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