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Victor CNC introduce new Vmax heavy duty lathe range
Victor CNC introduce new Vmax heavy duty lathe range

Victor CNC introduce new Vmax heavy duty lathe range

We’ve previously written about Rochdale based Victor CNC Limited, the sole distributor of Victor CNC machine tools in UK, Eire and selected countries within mainland Europe and the fact that they’ve recently introduced several new models of machine tools into their already extensive range of Victor products.

Well this month one particular addition to the UK businesses portfolio that they’re particularly keen to tell the industry about is their new range of Vmax heavy duty lathes.  This new lathe range will complement existing products offered by Victor and go a long way to finally positioning the UK business as the ‘one-stop-shop’ machine tool supply service that their valued client base had been looking for.

On the back of researching their existing client’s needs, Victor CNC identified that there was clearly a gap in the products they had on offer from their portfolio.  They were well aware that on many occasions over the years Victor clients had approached them asking to be supplied with machines at the bigger end of the turning range, like oil country lathes and lathes with extensive through bore capacities. Victor CNC would always have to walk away from the deal, somewhat sheepishly, as the range of lathes available from their own manufacturer stopped short of this.

This minor deficiency in their machine range often troubled Victor CNC’s UK based sales team and senior management and made it impossible to always give their clients a service they were crying out for, and it also, needlessly, gave rise to openings to competitor suppliers.  

In order to be able to offer a suitable product to engineers as quickly as possible, rather than manufacture larger lathes themselves, Victor CNC opted instead to license a new range of products from a Taiwan supplier but assuredly with Victor’s own high-quality product specification guaranteed.

The rugged new machine range, branded Vmax, is extremely heavy duty and can be specified precisely to the most demanding customer requirement.  The lathes come as either flat-bed (CNC or Manual) or slant-bed. The range starts by offering lathes with an 800mm swing-over bed capacity and finishes with machines that offer 1800mm swing-over bed capacity.  The bed lengths can be specified at point of order up to 12 metres in length.  Through-spindle bore capacity on these machines again varies from 6 to 24 inch, providing often invaluable capacity to machine very large shaft work.  All machines are equipped with geared heads delivering the utmost in power (up to 65hp) for heavy-duty cutting.

Often the weight of a machine is perceived by clients as a measure of the stability, and if that’s the case, the Vmax machines can weigh-in at up to 31000kgs.  The Vmax range is ruggedly built, with maximum stability offering performance that can be relied on.  The machines are built either on 2 or 3-shear bed-ways, with the bed-ways being hardened and precision ground, providing maximum, well-structured and balanced build quality that ensures minimal vibration when machining, thus helping deliver precision results.

The machines can come equipped with all manner of features including programmable tailstocks, C axis for milling functions, high pressure coolant (a feature popular when machining and drilling large diameter bores); toolsetters, sub-spindles for more production requirements and fixed or travelling steadies for supporting larger and longer components during manufacture.

For the final word on the Vmax heavy duty lathe range we turn to Alan Birch, Sales Director of Victor CNC Ltd.  Alan comments; 'We’ve spent many months researching and looking for the right machines to add to our popular range.  Over the years, Victor products have become synonymous with quality, reliability and overall machining performance, so it was imperative for us to make sure we continued this theme with any new machines added to our range.  Oil country machining and larger shaft turning are requirements that many engineering companies, including our customers throughout the UK, confront on a daily basis and up until now we’ve had to take a back seat in that particular market-place.  This is a really exciting time for Victor CNC and our customers and we are proud to at last be able to supply a complete turning solution, from small turned complex components to large shaft work for the oil, gas and subsea markets.'

Published on MTD CNC by Victor CNC Ltd on 03 May 2013

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