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Victor Vturn 46 CNC lathe with 60 degree bed
Victor Vturn 46 CNC lathe with 60 degree bed
Victor Vturn 46 CNC lathe with 60 degree bed

Victor Vturn 46 CNC lathe with 60 degree bed

Added to MTDCNC by Victor CNC Ltd on 26 November 2014

Extending its line of heavy duty turning centres Victor Europe has now launched its robust, new VTurn 46 CNC lathe. With a machining length of 1.6m and a diameter up to 730mm, the VTurn46 provides the largest machining envelope in its class.

Access to this work area is via two doors that incorporate a large viewing glass on one door and the Fanuc 0i control unit on the other door. What this gives the operator is exceptional ease of use that is packed into an ergonomically friendly design. Furthermore, this two door set-up also simplifies the loading and unloading of parts and the use of overhead cranes and gantries.

Inside the machine, Victor has maintained its reputation for building machines of impeccable stability, rigidity and longevity with a design that revolves around the ability to machine heavy components with maximum material removal rates. To this end, the machine is built from a single-cast design with a 60 degree slant bed. The 60degree elevation of the bed serves a number of purposes. Firstly, it brings the tool turret closer to the chuck to improve rigidity and machining performance. Secondly, it also moves the 50mm diameter ball screw that drives the longitudinal axis, closer to the machining envelope. This also extends the rigidity attributes of the machine. And finally, the swarf simply falls away from the work area rather than gather around the toolposts and workpiece.

From a power perspective, Victor has developed the VTurn46 with a 4-step motor that provides exceptional power and torque delivery from as little as 60rpm through to its top speed.  As standard the VTurn46 is a 2-axis turning centre with a 10 station tool turret. However, upon request the customer can specify live tooling stations to implement full milling capability.  All these attributes give the end user one of the most robust and heavy duty turning centres in its class.

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