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New DMG machining centre for automotive production lines

New DMG machining centre for automotive production lines

Added to MTDCNC by DMG MORI on 04 December 2014

DMG MORI has introduced an ultra-compact, horizontal-spindle machining centre for multiple-shift, mass production of vehicle components such as cylinder blocks and heads. Designated i 50, the highly productive machine comes without an automatic pallet changer and occupies just 6.6 m2 of factory area.

Machine width has been minimised to 1,680 mm, allowing manufacturers to create efficient production lines in the smallest possible space. The pitch between machines is 2,090 mm, enabling efficient loading and unloading and hence short workpiece handling times. Users can choose from a range of automation options, such as workpiece transfer systems with roller conveyors for manual workpiece handling or gantry loaders for automation.

The i 50 features patented spindle kinematics in the Z-axis. High stability of the machine through the use of two widely spaced, angled guideways positioned outside the machining area suppresses vibrations, leading to top precision machining and long tool life. DMG MORI has positioned all feed drives outside the working area, so there is no temperature transfer to the component, leading to accurate machining.

Lightweight machine elements and low inertia of moving masses in X, Y and Z (500 x 550 x 500 mm) allow high speed machining and highly dynamic rapid motions for short chip-to-chip times. All axes achieve the fastest rapid traverse rate in the machine‘s class - 62 m/min - and both the X and Y axes accelerate at up to 0.7 g. The Z-axis features a drilling and tapping cycle with a maximum acceleration of 1 g.

Contributing further to short non-cutting times is acceleration of the 37 kW spindle from zero to maximum speed of 12,000 rpm in one second. The horizontal rotary A-axis powered by a direct drive motor (DDM) provides high-speed indexing, with 90-degree rotation in 2.5 seconds including clamping.

Two table versions are available. The A-axis indexer specification minimises vibration due to an absence of backlash. Table size is 640 mm x 500 mm with a maximum load capacity of 250 kg. The B-axis rotary table is 500 mm x 500 mm and takes a maximum load of 400 kg. Workpieces up to 700 mm wide can be accommodated.

Sloping internal covers and chip disposal through the centre of the machine structure provide efficient swarf management. The disc-type tool magazine has capacity for 20 HSK-A63 cutters, or optionally 40.

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