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WARD CNC offers a new solution with the Hyundai-Wia VTL
WARD CNC offers a new solution with the Hyundai-Wia VTL

WARD CNC offers a new solution with the Hyundai-Wia VTL

Added to MTDCNC by TW Ward CNC Machinery Ltd on 10 July 2015
The installation of a Hyundai-Wia vertical turning centre (VTL) has not only enabled a specialist manufacturer of process rollers and pulleys to bring in-house larger diameter work that was previously sub-contracted, but the fact that the new machine is equipped with live tooling has also meant that the company has now combined the traditional mix of VTL operations with pitch circle drilling and tapping in a single set-up.
Supplied to Wm Hardill & Sons & Co by T W Ward CNC Machinery (Ward CNC), the exclusive UK distributor for the Korean machine tool manufacturer, the Hyundai-Wia LV 800 RM VTL represents a major step change in manufacturing processes for larger parts at the Batley (West Yorkshire) company that has been family-owned and run since its establishment in 1874.
Managing director Philip Hardill explains: "Providing a variety of precision engineered process rollers and conveyor pulleys for markets as diversified as airport baggage handling to steel mills and textile machinery, we have found that demand has steadily grown for larger components - machining work that has traditionally been outsourced by us.
"It was the need to enlarge our capability to enable us to machine in-house workpieces of diameters up to 800 mm, which will help us maintain our annual increases in turnover – a rise of 60 per cent in recent years - that prompted the search for a suitable machine."
He continues: "We did look at other VTLs but the Hyundai-Wia stood out because it offered a suitable specification. Crucially, too, the machine features a large tool turret that avoids potential tool clashes when boring bars and external turning tools are operated simultaneously – especially when ‘small’ turning applications are undertaken.
"In addition, the machine’s live tooling means we now also have a new level of versatility; we can now also drill and tap holes in the same set-up with VTL work, compared to the past when any PCD work was undertaken manually using dividing heads and drills."
Featuring a maximum turning diameter and length of both 800 mm, plus swings over the bed and carriage of 890 mm and 710 mm, respectively, the 37/30 kW LV 800 RM boasts a spindle speed of 2,000 revs/min, a torque rating of 2,874 Nm and C axis indexing in 0.001deg steps.
Its 12-tool turret is complemented by a 7.5 kW live tool motor that produces 3,000 revs/min and tool indexing is performed in just 0.3 sec/step.
The machine – the company’s first investment in new (rather than previously-owned) machinery for some years - has been put to work on a range of roller end plates of mainly S275 steel and Mr Hardill points out that, in addition to its obvious machining capabilities, "it is also surprisingly very quiet in operation".
The company maintains two sites; the 20,000 ft2 plus production facility in Batley houses a range of conventional and CNC production machines, as well as fabrication and welding equipment.


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