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Ward Hi-Tech Introduces new Turning Centre
Ward Hi-Tech Introduces new Turning Centre
Ward Hi-Tech Introduces new Turning Centre

Ward Hi-Tech Introduces new Turning Centre

Added to MTDCNC by Ward Hi Tech Limited on 30 July 2014

Ward Hi-Tech has now launched its new Hi-Tech 850L CNC turning centre for the turning of large components in the oil & gas and heavy industrial sectors.

With a gross weight of 23 tonnes, the Hi-Tech 850L has a 32 inch chuck and is available with turning capacities of 2.5m or 3.5m in length with a 5.5m bed length available soon. Offering a maximum turning diameter of 1m, the new 850L can accommodate an extremely diverse range of medium and large components for the heavy industry sectors.

A key feature of the new 850L is the 12 station tool turret. It has a double width turret that can support large cutting tools up to 100mm diameter and boring bars beyond 1200mm in length with remarkable rigidity and precision. The result is a machine tool that reduces vibration and deflection when conducting heavy duty cutting operations on all material types.

As expected with such a robust and large turning centre, the 850L is manufactured with a fully cast base with a rigid boxway construction that delivers astounding rigidity, vibration damping and surface finishes when machining at large depths of cut.  

Despite being an extremely rigid and large machine, the 850L is also extremely capable with a 4-axis offering and driven tooling with a Y-axis. This enables the end user to machine relatively complex parts to reduce set-ups and changeovers that can be time consuming and complicated with large parts.

Utilising a powerful Fanuc iTB control system, the new 850L is in stock at Ward Hi-Tech to enable potential customers to have demonstrations and view the exceptional capabilities of the exciting new machine.

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