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Italian-built lathe company combines compactness with versatility
Italian-built lathe company combines compactness with versatility

Italian-built lathe company combines compactness with versatility

Added to MTDCNC by Whitehouse Machine Tools on 07 January 2016

A new, CNC turn-mill centre called Quattro B436Y2, with two Y-axis tool turrets and two opposed C-axis spindles, has been introduced by the Italian firm, Biglia, whose sole sales and service agent for the UK and Ireland is Whitehouse Machine Tools, Kenilworth. Quattro lathes have been produced since 1990 and are now in their third generation. They are especially well suited to machining of tough alloys due to their sturdiness and high power.

The 36 mm bar capacity automatic lathe has a compact structure and occupies less than five square metres of factory space. The machine exhibits exceptional vibration damping and thermal stability due to robust construction of the 45-degree cast iron bed, linear rails, 12-station turrets with live tools (4.6 kW / 22 Nm / 6,000 rpm) and 11 kW / 7,000 rpm motor-spindles. The result is high productivity and dimensional accuracy of machined components as well as good surface finish and long tool life.

The CNC counter spindle has two degrees of freedom, in the Z-axis as well as the X-axis, allowing it to be offset by 170 mm from the centreline of the main spindle, eliminating interference between the turrets when simultaneously machining at both spindles. It also allows an unusual arrangement where a tailstock can be advanced in the space vacated by the offset counter spindle to enable turn-milling between centres using the main spindle and simultaneous reverse-end machining by the counter spindle and second turret.

A further possibility is to have three tools in cut simultaneously by employing Biglia’s ‘Superimposition’ function. The counter spindle tracks the machining position at the main spindle where the upper and lower turrets are both performing front-end Op 1 machining operations. Those offsets are superimposed onto the reverse-end Op 2 machining program to take advantage of a third tool mounted on the back face of the lower turret.

The CNC is a RISC 64 bit Mitsubishi M700 with 10.4” colour display and alphanumeric keyboard. Proprietary software gives very high surface finishes by minimising jerk, as well as nano interpolation and look-ahead path estimation for high speed, accurate control of the drives.

A host of standard additions aids flexibility of operation and productivity, such as load detection on all axes, part-present check on the sub-spindle, a programmable automatic parts catcher and a finished parts conveyor. Options include high pressure (up to 30 bar) coolant delivery, simultaneous cutter offset measurement at both turrets for rapid tool setting, and tool wear and breakage monitoring.

At the start of 2016, the first B436Y2 lathe in the UK will be delivered as a turnkey solution to a leading precision subcontractor on the south coast of England, where it will join an existing Biglia B465-T3Y triple-turret machine with three Y axes.

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