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Whitehouse Machine Tools introduce new Brother

Whitehouse Machine Tools introduce new Brother

The Japanese manufacturer, Brother, has introduced a new, vertical-spindle, twin-pallet machining centre on which workpiece changeover is completed entirely within the 3.4-second pallet change time. It is achieved by activating tool change, 50 m/min rapid movements in X and Y and rotation of a CNC indexer (if fitted) during pallet exchange, not after it has finished. So the tool is ready to cut the next component immediately it arrives in the machining area.

Called Speedio R650X1, the compact, highly productive, 30-taper machine joins the smaller R450X1 model introduced in 2014. Available in the UK and Ireland through sole agent, Whitehouse Machine Tools (, both are 2APC machines on which Brother’s proven Quick Table effectively provides two pallets in one by rotating about its centre. It means there is no pallet lift action, speeding 180-degree swivelling while also sealing the structure against swarf and coolant.

The high quality and rigidity of the R650X1 structure is assured by computer-aided engineering analysis. Linear axis travels are 650 x 400 x 305 mm in X, Y and Z, with up to 30 m/min cutting feed in each. The working envelope has been increased with jig area enlargement to make the machine applicable to a wider scope of applications, including turning of components up to 1.3 metres in diameter. Jig height is up to 420 mm and the standard 200 kg maximum load per pallet can be increased by 50 per cent with suitable factory configuration by Brother.

A 10,000 rpm spindle motor is standard, with options of a high torque variant or a 16,000 rpm motor. They all provide impressive removal rates across a spread of materials and applications. Fast acceleration and deceleration deliver start-up and stop times of 150 milliseconds.

Either a 14- or 22-station tool magazine may be specified. Exchange is very high speed, with a tool-to-tool time of 0.9 second and a chip-to-chip time of 1.7 seconds for the larger magazine. If the machine is fitted with the 14-tool option, cutter exchange is even faster with 100 milliseconds pared off both times.

Many optional extras are offered, including hydraulic ports for jig mounting, 15 bar through-spindle coolant, air-assisted tool cleaning, automatic oil lubricator, manual pulse generator, tool breakage detection and a rotary indexer for 5-sided machining.

Control is by Brother’s own CNC-C00 with 12” colour LCD screen. Features include shortcut keys for rapid screen selection, high-speed program data download via Ethernet and convenient production monitoring, both on-screen and remotely. As with many modern machine tools, power regeneration from deceleration of the spindle saves energy and the control oversees comprehensive stand-by measures for minimising the power consumed by motors, pumps and lights.

A video of the Brother Speedio R650X1 shaving every last second from cycle times during 4-axis machining of aluminium castings may be seen at:  The first machine in the UK is due to arrive in Whitehouse Machine Tools’ showroom during November 2015.

Published on MTD CNC by Whitehouse Machine Tools on 05 November 2015

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