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We looked at the Nakamura WT100..
We looked at the Nakamura WT100..

We looked at the Nakamura WT100..

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 19 April 2015

The MTD team recently visited ETG to take a closer look at the twin turret, twin spindle WT100 turning centre from Nakamura...and it thoroughly impressed us!

We spoke with ETG's Technical Director, Mr Richard Hughes for an insight into the WT100, he confirmed to us that: 'The WT100 is ideal for small complex parts with a high milling content. Its' a machine that bridges the gap from sliding head lathes to robust fixed head units. It really is a 'raw material in and finished component out' type of machine that is packed with innovation.'

From a specification perspective, the WT100 is a twin turret twin spindle turning centre with equal power of 15kW on the front and back end spindle that permits high material removal rates. This is well suited to the 42mm bar capacity that can be machined on each of the spindles.

The small footprint machine has two tooling turrets that both have 12 stations that can be half indexed to allow up to 24 tools on each turret. With 12 driven tools available on each turret, the WT100 requires minimum set-up times whilst delivering exceptionally fast cycle times. As  Richard confirmed to MTD: 'Both turrets can work on the front spindle, back spindle or on both spindles to maximise flexibility. This enables the customer to optimise the set-up machining cycle to reduce cycle times and maximise productivity.'

From a technical perspective, the WT100 is really impressive. It incorporates a Fanuc 31i control that has been developed specifically for Nakamura with a pc embedded into the control unit. This provides a large touch-screen facility that is user friendly whilst the software within the control is also very intuitive and visually explanatory. With a Windows configuration the operator can download job-sheets and drawings direct to the machine.

Additionally, the machine control also has a collision guard that provides an on-screen 3D model of the machine that can run in real time. This enables the operator to manage and view the part and cycle in real time. This also works in manual mode. The foundation of the control is the delivery of maximum uptime, faster set-ups and maximum machine utilisation.

Talking about the rigidity and precision of the WT100, Richard told MTD: 'The WT100 has a true Y-axis and not a compound Y-axis like most machines. The compound Y-axis on most machines uses an axis that isn't actually in the Y plane but uses the X-axis to simulate a Y-axis plane. On the WT100 the true Y-axis ensures the X-axis remains steady whilst the Y-axis moves, this provides improved accuracy and rigidity beyond competitor machines.'

If you want to explore the potential of buying one of these remarkable machines, the good news is that its available from stock with a 2-3 week lead time. ETG are so confident in the ability and reliability of this machine, they are offering customers a 1st year buy back guarantee and 3 year warrantee. With programmer training, operator courses and full technical support provided - why wouldn't anyone take a serious look at this machine?

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