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XR1000 machine is a high performing VMC
XR1000 machine is a high performing VMC

XR1000 machine is a high performing VMC

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 19 April 2015

Now available from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) is the new XR1000 vertical machining centre from Hardinge. This new high performance and high specification machine tool has been launched to complement the economy GR1000 VMC to deliver a complete range of solutions for the manufacturing sector.

If you are looking for a high-specification vertical machining centre that carries that extra punch for machining large work pieces, the XR 1000 VMC is the machine of choice. It incorporates high-performance spindle technology from Weiss with the new grease replenishing system that is fed cutting tools from a 30 position ATC as standard, with the option of 48 tools. To improve tool life and performance by up to 30%, the XR1000 has a BT40 face and taper spindle contact that improves rigidity and machining performance.

The new offering has tried and tested through spindle coolant delivery of 20bar that can also be used for air cooling, which also extracts swarf from the work area with ease. With in-built swarf conveyors, the XR1000 rapidly removes chips away from the work area and out of the machine.

This powerhouse machine has a 18.5kW motor with a belt driven spindle that can run at 12000rpm. Combining the 7000kg frame, this new offering delivers a robust and rigid base with ample power for heavy duty machining.

In addition, the XR1000 incorporates the latest generation Heidenhain i-530 control unit that is not only powerful and fast but it permits the seamless addition of a 4th axis or even a 3+2 configuration. If customers wish to add more axes capability, the spacious work envelope of 1m in the X-axis and 610mm in both the Y and Z-axis can accommodate rotary tables whilst still delivering ample axis movement.

From a precision perspective, the XR1000 is everything an engineer would expect from an ETG machine tool. It has thermal compensation and linear rails that combine to deliver astounding precision levels with acceleration and deceleration that is the envy of most machine builders. In essence, the new XR1000 is the ideal combination of pace, power and precision.

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