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XYZ 2op portable VMC launch dates announced

XYZ 2op portable VMC launch dates announced

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 15 July 2014

With interest aroused by a preview of the unique XYZ 2op portable VMC at the recent MACH exhibition, potential customers now have the opportunity to attend the official launch of the machine at eight special events being hosted by XYZ Machine Tools at its Burlescombe and Nuneaton showrooms.

Visitors to these eight events will be shown how this revolutionary new machine will have a major impact on productivity through its performance and portability, and bring the benefits of cellular manufacturing within the reach of every machine shop. The compact design of a XYZ 2op, with a footprint of just 1219 mm by 762 mm, and weighing just 1000 kg, means it can be located virtually anywhere in the factory. In fact each machine is supplied with its own pallet truck to move it around to where it is needed. This, in combination with the machine’s specification, makes it ideal for pre- and second-op work, whether requiring drilling, milling or tapping. “Having the ability to locate a machine where you need it, when you need it, freeing up spindle time on more expensive machines, while making full use of the available skills and manpower, is a major advantage in the competitive world of subcontract machining and will free up valuable time on other machines and maximise spindle runtime.

The dates for these events 18th and 19th August at Burlescombe, Devon and the 3rd and 4th September at Nuneaton with two 90 minute presentations taking place each day at 11:00 and 13:30, with lunch provided for all attendees. Unlike a conventional XYZ open house these events will be limited in numbers as the intention concentrate attention on the unique benefits of the XYZ 2op machine to small groups. With space allocated for just 100 companies to send people across the eight time slots, those interested are encouraged to book their places now. They can do this by contacting XYZ by telephone (01823 674200) or e-mail (sales@xyzmachinetools.com) specifying the date and time that you would like to attend.

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