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XYZ offers 3 metre bed machining centres
XYZ offers 3 metre bed machining centres
XYZ offers 3 metre bed machining centres
XYZ offers 3 metre bed machining centres

XYZ offers 3 metre bed machining centres

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 15 November 2015

When MTD recently visited one of the UK's leading machine tool suppliers, we thought it would be a good idea to look at the larger machines in the company's product line-up. For this reason, we took a look at the 3010 Vertical Machining Centre from XYZ.

The 3010 VMC from XYZ is the largest machine the company currently supplies and its ideal for all industry sectors from the aerospace and oil & gas through to the general subcontract sector. 

The extremely robust machining centre has a working envelope of 3m in the X-axis and 1m in the Y-axis, making it suitable for your most robust and demanding applications regardless of material type or industry sector. The machine is supplied with an 8,000rpm BT40 spindle configuration that will cater for most applications. For end users looking to truly rip material through the machine, the 3010 VMC is also available with a more robust BT50 configuration.

The spindle is fed tools from the machine's 30 tool ATC and through spindle coolant is also available to prolong the life of your cutting tools whilst rapidly removing swarf from the work area. 

As standard, the 3010 machine is supplied with a powerful Siemens CNC control unit with the Shopmill software package. For those less familiar with Shopmill, it provides conversational programming for ease of use.  All this is built upon a heavy duty cast base with a box guideway construction that dampens vibration and ensures optimal rigidity. 

Like any large bed VMC that accepts sizeable billets, access to the work area is a crucial factor. In the case of the 3010 VMC, the machine has two large doors at the front of the machine for easy access and loading of parts. To offer the customer complete piece of mind, XYZ can offer warranties of up to a total of 7 years. For those manufacturers concerned about service and support, XYZ has 18 fully trained service engineers on the road along with 8 applications staff and the internal customer care department ensuring help is always on hand when you need it.

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