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XYZ adds large VMCs to meet demand
XYZ adds large VMCs to meet demand
XYZ adds large VMCs to meet demand

XYZ adds large VMCs to meet demand

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 22 January 2014

XYZ Machine Tools has added three large vertical machining centres to its portfolio in response to increasing demand for larger capacity from customers across various industry sectors. The three machines, designated XYZ 2010/2510/3010 VMC, all feature Y-axis travels of 1 metre with X-axes of 2, 2.5 and 3 metre depending on the model chosen, with maximum table load up to 4000 kg.

The construction of the machines is substantial, with the largest of the range weighing in at 25,000 kg, which when combined with the use of hardened box slideways, six of which feature on the Y axis, makes them an extremely stable machining platform. “The strength in the UK, particularly of the oil & gas sector is driving demand for larger capacity machining centres and the addition of these VMCs ensures that the XYZ portfolio is able to meet that demand,” says Nigel Atherton, Managing Director, XYZ Machine Tools. “The machines are available for order now and stock machines will be kept at our factory in Burlescombe, ready for immediate delivery.”

Common features across the three machine range are the 30 hp/8000 revs/min BT40 spindle with drive provided by a two-step high-low gearbox, and a 30 position toolchanger is capable of handling tools weighing up to 15 kg, 220 mm diameter and 300 mm in length. Optional upgrades include through spindle coolant at 20 bar, and a larger BT50, 6000 revs/min spindle with either a belt drive or as a BT50 geared head driven from the original BT 40 spindle. The BT50 upgrade include a 32 position BT50 toolchanger.  

For such a large VMC the XYZ 2010/2510/3010 machines remain agile with rapid traverse rates of 16000 mm/min in the X and Y axes and 12000 mm/min in Z, with cutting feeds of 5000mm/min in all axes. Control is provided by the popular Siemens Sinumerik 828D CNC unit, with ShopMIll Conversational Software, which has been designed to cope with the specific demands of small to medium batch size production. Data input is via the Full QWERTY CNC-keyboard, USB, CF-card, or Ethernet, making it suitable for a wide variety of customers whose programming needs can differ considerably.

As with all XYZ CNC machines these large VMCs come with three days training at one of XYZ’s regional showrooms, which can be broken into two sessions of two initial days training followed by a further day once the customer has become more familiar with the machine. A 12 month (or 2000 hour) warranty is also included, which can be extended for an additional six years with XYZ’s extended warranty and service packages. 

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