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XYZ has a record breaking open house season

XYZ has a record breaking open house season

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 12 December 2013

XYZ Machine Tools’ open houses are renowned for their popularity among its customers thanks to the company’s policy of regularly refreshing the machines on display, allowing customers to take advantage of several ex-demo bargains on the day. With the 2013 XYZ Open House season now completed this popularity can be measured in machine sales, with almost 70 machines sold at the events held at its showrooms in Blackburn, Nuneaton, Devon, Sheffield and the recently opened Livingston, Scotland venue.

This record breaking run was led by the open house at Blackburn, which saw orders for 23 machines taken over the two days at a value of close to £1 million. With there being no such thing as a ‘typical’ XYZ Machine Tool customer, it comes as no surprise that the 23 machines ordered at Blackburn will be delivered to a broad range of customers, including general sub-contractors, colleges and universities, through to original equipment manufacturers. This diversity highlights the variety of machine tools available from XYZ, from manual machines, turret mills and lathes with the ProtoTRAK control, machining and turning centres, to large capacity oil country lathes and bed mills.

'With our 2013 open house season now complete we are able to reflect on the continued success and the value that they deliver to our customers,' says Nigel Atherton, Managing Director, XYZ Machine Tools. 'So far the open houses at our showrooms in Nuneaton, Blackburn, Sheffield, Livingston, and at our headquarters in Burlescombe have generated orders for 66 machines, valued at over £2 million, we can now start to look forward to 2014, with a new series of open house events and the MACH exhibition already generating interest for us.'

While the main focus of these open house events is to generate new business for XYZ Machine Tools, they also provide a superb opportunity for customers to familiarise themselves with the new products being introduced. XYZ will commence its 2014 open houses with events at the company’s Waltham Abbey showroom (15/16 January) and, with the official opening of its latest showroom in Newcastle on Tyne (19/20 February).

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