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XYZ appeals to all with its MACH displays
XYZ appeals to all with its MACH displays
XYZ appeals to all with its MACH displays
XYZ appeals to all with its MACH displays

XYZ appeals to all with its MACH displays

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 19 January 2016

XYZ Machine Tools will be filling its 204m2 stand (5661) at MACH 2016 with a total of 18 machine tools selected from its extensive range, including ProtoTRAK controlled mills and lathes, machining and turning centres and the innovative LPM (Lean Production Machine) and 2-OP machines. 


The wide cross-section of machines on display should have something of appeal to anyone involved in metalcutting, whether they are a small sub-contract machine shop, toolroom or large OEM. All of the displayed machines will be under power and on-hand will be the team of sales and applications engineers, who will be happy to look at your individual requirements and explain how the XYZ range can simplify your machining processes and add value to your manufacturing.


Representing XYZ ProtoTRAK controlled range of mills are the XYZ EMX, SMX 2000, SMX 2500, SMX SLV, SMX 3500 and the largest machine in the range the SMX 5000. This mix of turret and bed mills provide the option of manual operation or, CNC control via the ProtoTRAK system, with up to three-axes capable of being precisely controlled by this well-established, yet still innovative control system. The smallest machine in the range, the XYZ EMX, has a 3 hp (2.25 kW) spindle and a table size of 1069 by 228 mm. At the other end of the scale the SMX 5000 bed mill features a 7.5 hp (5.75 kW) spindle and a table size of 1930 by 356 mm. Key to the success of the XYZ mill range, though, is the use of the ProtoTRAK EMX and SMX controls, whose simplicity and efficiency maximises productivity whether producing a one-off component or small to medium sized batches. The ease of use of ProtoTRAK ensures that even operators with no, or minimal, programming skills can be producing complex components within hours of first seeing the control.  


In a similar vein the ProtoTRAK controlled lathe range is also well represented on the XYZ Machine Tools stand, with the SLX 1630, SLX 355, SLX 425 and SLX 555. These machines cover between centre distances of 760 mm through to 3000 mm with swing over the bed ranging from 360 mm to 560 mm. With the exception of the smaller SLX 1630 all of the XYZ SLX lathes feature a one piece, solid ribbed, cast base, which adds significantly to their capability due to the design and weight of their construction.  As with the milling machine range the SLX lathes productivity is boosted through use of the ProtoTRAK control system with its simple to follow conversational language making programming quick and easy.


The ProtoTRAK controlled mills and lathes are also capable of machining more complex parts, that it may be easier to programme offline. With this in mind the control systems are able to accept files from CAD/CAM systems including Parasolid and DXF files, which can be downloaded directly to the control and making use of the on-board DXF file converter. 


Completing the ProtoTRAK controlled machine line up are the XYZ LPM and XYZ 2-OP. Both machines have been designed to maximise spindle run times and improve overall manufacturing efficiencies for customers. The LPM (Lean Production Machine) is a machining centre that is both a logical step up from, or can also run alongside the XYZ ProtoTRAK controlled milling range when volumes move from prototype to production levels. Programs can be transferred from the ProtoTRAK SMX control to the ProtoTRAK PMX control without any alteration. Another key feature of the LPM is its use of dedicated precision location points machined into its bed. This allows fixtures to be positioned accurately and secured using the Jergens Ball Lock system, and the control knows exactly their coordinates, reducing set-up time considerably. Each LPM machine is also equipped with a tool pre-setting system to allow quick qualification of tools going into the 16 position toolchanger.  With a table size of 900 by 500 mm and axis travels of 785 by 470 by 530 (xyz) along with a BT40, 15 hp/8000 revs/min spindle the LPM provides a highly effective machining platform.


Like the LPM the design and concept of the XYZ 2-OP portable vertical machining centre is revolutionising how companies go about maximising their productivity. The XYZ 2-OP is aimed at relieving pressure on more expensive spindles and freeing up labour hours, with its portability allowing manufacturing cells to be created anywhere in the factory. Running machine tools in this way reduces cycle time, improves productivity, profitability, and is nothing new to high volume manufacturers, but it has always been difficult to justify in low – medium volume scenarios. With the XYZ 2-OP all of those barriers are removed and any business can benefit from the efficiencies of cellular manufacturing, such as maximising available labour hours, reducing work in progress, and significantly improving productivity through reduced component Takt time. While being portable, and only having a footprint of 760 x 1,220 mm the XYZ 2-OP remains a highly capable machine. It features a 50 - 6000 revs/min, 3 hp, BT30 spindle and a novel, eight position toolchanger. Axis travels are 355 mm (X), 305 mm (Y) and 455 mm (Z), with feed rates up to 15 m/min, and with the table measuring 457 mm by 381 mm with a capacity to hold components weighing up to 250 kg it is capable of carrying out a wide variety of first and second operation work.


As with the LPM the 2-OP’s table also features Jergens Ball Lock locations for use with fixture plates, as well as conventional T-slots. Control is via the TMX version of the ProtoTRAK control, which allows simple programs can be created at the machine using canned cycles, using the conversational system familiar to any existing ProtoTRAK users. Offline programming is also possible using the XYZ ProtoTRAK offline programming software, and any program created on another ProtoTRAK controlled machine can be transferred to an XYZ 2-OP. Finally programs can be produced using existing CADCAM systems, which facilitates 2.5 and 3 axis machining.


Beyond its ProtoTRAK controlled range of machines XYZ Machine Tools also provides a wide range of machining centres and turning centres fitted with the industry-leading Siemens control system. Its machining centres range from the small, but highly capable Mini Mill 560 with its 15 hp/8000 revs/min spindle  and axis travels of 560 by 400 by 500 mm through to the heavyweight XYZ 3010 VMC, which weighs in at 25 tonnes and has axis travels of 3000 by 1000 by 800 mm (xyz).


The range will be represented at MACH 2016 by the Mini Mill 560, the XYZ 710 VMC and the XYZ 1060HS. All machines in the range are built around solid cast bases and feature box slideways, with the exception of the XYZ 1060HS which due to its high speed application makes use of linear roller guideways in order to achieve the 43 m/min feedrates. Performance is further enhanced by the use of chilled ballscrews and a 12,000 revs/min oil-cooled spindle (15,000 revs/min option). These construction values across the VMC range mean that from the XYZ Mini Mill 560, users can expect high performance in abundance without compromising on component quality. 


When it comes to turning the XYZ Machine Tool range is equally diverse with the small, but highly capable Compact Turn 52 as the entry level machine with a 20 hp spindle and a footprint from just 1700 by 1780 mm through to oil-country lathes with up to 16,000 mm between centres and swing over the bed of 2200mm. The range will be highlighted at MACH 2016 by the XYZ Compact Turn 52 and XYZ TC320 LTY turning centre. The Compact Turn 52 has a maximum swing of 400 mm and axis travels of 185 mm and 325 mm (x and z) with a maximum turned diameter and length capacity of 220 and 280 mm respectively. Tooling is located in a 12-station, 30 VDI turret and all of this sits on box slideways on a solid cast iron base. The XYZ TC320 LTY is a much higher powered machine, with a 45 hp 3300 revs/min spindle and a 100 mm y-axis, which enhances the 270 and 600 mm travels in the x and z axes. Each of the 12, 40 VDI tool positions can accommodate live tooling, which are driven by an 8 hp (6 kW) motor. Maximising the full contouring c-axis with full 360 degree opration.


Concluding the machines on show from XYZ are those that will be displayed on its Education stand in Hall 4 (4991). Education is a growing market for XYZ Machine Tools and its range of manual, ProtoTRAK and Siemens controlled machines are proving popular with schools, colleges and universities, with over 200 education establishments being XYZ customers. In addition to the machines, XYZ Machine Tools adds value to its education offering by providing special prices to any recognised UK university, college, training establishment, school or research centre, which covers machines, software and third party

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