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XYZ gets heavy with the competition
XYZ gets heavy with the competition
XYZ gets heavy with the competition
XYZ gets heavy with the competition

XYZ gets heavy with the competition

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 26 September 2014

Now catering for the large and heavy machining spectrum of the industry, XYZ has now launched its new 2010VMC Series of robust vertical machining centres. This heavyweight addition to the XYZ line of machining centres has a knockout punch with its 30hp spindle and overall weight of over 20 tons.

Upon the rigid hardened boxway slides and cast base is a flexible and productive machining centre with a work envelope of 2000 by 1000 by 800mm in X, Y and Z-axes respectively. Within this envelope the 2010VMC has a 2200 by 1000mm table that can accommodate large workpieces with a maximum weight up to 3 tons. Despite its considerable dimensions, the new 2010VMC provides exceptional productivity levels with rapid feed rates of 16m/min on the X, Y and Z axes.
The benefit of purchasing a machine of such a sizable proportion is to enable the customer to utilise the large bed for either large workpieces or alternately setting a number of smaller parts for machining in a single set-up. This process can cut the cycle and set-up time for small parts whilst the customer can benefit from improved surface finish, repeatability and precision as the result of using a heavier machine tool.

The robust high-quality machine spindle can run at 8000rpm and accept tools with diameters up to 110mm. This large tool capacity permits maximum material removal rates whilst the fixed boxway construction delivers the rigidity to eliminate chatter and vibration when the heavy machining of difficult materials is being undertaken.

The spindle can hold a tool weight up to 15kg and the automatic tool changer can house up to 30 tools to optimise productivity and reduce set-up times. Furthermore, the ATC has an arm type loading station that drastically cuts chip-to-chip times to ensure that machine up-time is optimised.

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