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XYZ Machine Tools turns 30
XYZ Machine Tools turns 30
XYZ Machine Tools turns 30

XYZ Machine Tools turns 30

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 21 March 2014

This year marks the 30th anniversary of XYZ Machine Tools, a period of time that has seen the company grow from fairly humble beginnings to become one of the largest suppliers of machine tools in the UK, with sales of manual and CNC machine tools topping 20, 000 or almost three machines sold every working day for the past three decades.

Founder and Managing Director Nigel Atherton comments on this milestone, saying: 'When I started XYZ in 1984 I never dreamt it would grow into the business it is today, with over 15,000 CNC and 5,000 manual machines sold and installed. Our success is based on a common sense approach to business, providing customers with good quality machines that meet their particular needs, and backing up those sales with first class support and service. Working in this way has allowed us to become a valued and reliable supplier to a loyal customer base, which in turn has led to high levels of repeat business and recommendations.'

A major landmark in the growth of XYZ Machine Tools was the introduction of the ProtoTRAK control system in 1993. This breakthrough in easy to use control technology allowed many small businesses to move away from manual machines and take their first steps into CNC. Such was the impact and versatility of ProtoTRAK that it remains a mainstay of XYZ’s portfolio and 2014 will soon see the 5000th Proturn lathe delivered and, it is expected that the 10,000th ProtoTRAK controlled mill will be delivered towards the end of 2014 or, early 2015, to a customer in the UK. 'Our ProtoTRAK range has been a revelation, and it has been an extraordinary journey watching customers who had faith in it back when we launched it in the UK moving forward and becoming great companies in their own right,' says Nigel Atherton. 'As we embark on the next leg of the XYZ journey we will continue to evolve our product range to ensure that it remains in line with our loyal customers’ expectations, who constantly seek the best machine tools that will help them move forward in a competitive market.'

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