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 Blum Gauges To Deliver Instant Success For Southern Manufacturing Visitors

Blum Gauges To Deliver Instant Success For Southern Manufacturing Visitors

Added to MTDCNC by Blum-Novotest on 11 December 2016
At the FIVE venue in Farnborough from the 21st to 23rd March 2017 on Stand P86, the leading manufacturer of measuring and testing technology, Blum-Novotest will be presenting brand new products alongside established technologies at the Southern Manufacturing 2017 exhibition. In particular, Blum will be drawing visitors' attention to the exciting advancements to the Digilog and RG product lines that have captured the attention of manufacturers throughout 2016. 

Despite being a global leader in the component measuring and testing technology arena, Blum will be keen to emphasise the benefits of the new TC63-RG and TC64-RG DIGILOG surface roughness gauges. This exciting new technology marks a quantum leap in regard to roughness measurement for machine integrated quality control methods. In essence, the new TC63-RG and TC64-RG gauges can evaluate the surface roughness of the part whilst it remains clamped in the machine tool. 

For the abundance of aerospace manufacturers that will visit Southern Manufacturing 2017; and particularly for those machining blisks for engine turbines, there is a necessity for dimensional accuracy and also a defined surface roughness. In such instances, the new TC64-RG is used to ensure machining faults and poor surface finishes are detected during the process. If ultra-precise DIN-compliant measurements as small as one tenth of a micron are required, the roughness gauge is guided across the workpiece surface at a comparatively slow measuring speed. When it comes to detecting machining errors in the micron range, measurements can be carried out up to 20 times faster.

For the end user, the benefits are immediate. Reject parts are reduced by enabling immediate re-working whilst the part is still clamped in the machining or turning centre. This improves productivity, process reliability and it eliminates downstream testing processes. 

Supporting these innovative products will be the latest RG 2.0 software that now allows parameters such as waviness, skew or contact area ratio to be presented for the measured surface in addition to the calculated roughness values. This system can now be integrated with the DIGILOG software in the control systems of machine tools. This now enables customer-specific signal analyses to be performed for route-based measurement. It allows form and surface defects to be logged as well as lengths and angles of the measured surface. 

If you want to improve your production quality, consistency and improve overall 'peace-of-mind', it may be time to visit the Blum stand P86 at Southern Manufacturing 2017. For further details on what the industry leading OEM's are using, please contact Blum Novotest for information.


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