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 Blum Smooth's Workflow With New Roughness Gauges at MACH
 Blum Smooth's Workflow With New Roughness Gauges at MACH
 Blum Smooth's Workflow With New Roughness Gauges at MACH

Blum Smooth's Workflow With New Roughness Gauges at MACH

Added to MTDCNC by Blum-Novotest on 09 February 2016

AT MACH 2016 on Stand 5750, Blum Novotest will be giving a UK exhibition debut to its exciting new line of surface roughness gauges. Launched at EMO in the autumn, the new TC63-RG and TC64-RG DIGILOG surface finish gauges will be the centre piece of the Blum Novotest stand.

Appearing alongside the company's renowned range of component measuring and testing technology, the new TC63-RG and TC64-RG DIGILOG surface roughness gauges mark a quantum leap in regard to roughness measurement for machine integrated quality control methods. In essence, the new TC63-RG and TC64-RG gauges can evaluate the surface roughness of the part whilst it remains clamped in the machine tool. This enables early detection of poor surface quality.

For the end user, the benefits are immediate. Reject parts are reduced by enabling immediate re-working whilst the part is still clamped in the machining or turning centre. This improves productivity, process reliability and it eliminates downstream testing processes. All this is provided by a system that incorporates a wear-free opto-electronic measuring element and Blum Novotest's renowned Shark 360 technology that is the benchmark in precision probing systems.

The two systems have been developed to optimise the process for the end user. For example, the TC64-RG operates like a standard probing system whereby the measuring stylus is moved along uniform surfaces. This is ideal for monitoring the surfaces of parts machined on a 3-axis machine tool. In comparison, the TC63-RG system is completely modular and can be adapted and applied to 5-axis machine tools that are producing parts with complex features that may be difficult to reach with a standard probing system. The precision of the TC63-RG when measuring non-uniform surfaces is guaranteed by the Shark 360 technology that incorporates a two-faced gear that eliminates twisting forces and eradicates sideways deflection for extremely precise readings.

Using BRC radio technology as its signal transmission, the new IP68 probes can be incorporated into any machine tool with a BT, HSK, SK, BTH and VDI spindle configurations. Since their autumn launch, the new TC63-RG and TC64-RG DIGILOG surface finish gauges have proven extremely effective within the automotive industry on components like valve seats that have a critical surface dimension. For manufacturers of high volume parts, the probes are being implemented to scan the master component and use the readings from the master as the median for all consequent parts in a batch run.

If you would like further technical details on how the new TC63-RG and TC64-RG DIGILOG systems can transform your business, please speak with one of the Blum Novotest engineers at MACH 2016 on Stand 5750.

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