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Alicona Metrology Joins MTDCNC

Alicona Metrology Joins MTDCNC

MTDCNC is pleased to welcome Alicona Metrology to our online platform. We recognize the need for modern non-conventional metrology and we have seen that Alicona offers this with their range of optical metrology solutions.

Alicona is an Austrian manufacturer and produces 3D optical measurement systems that are used for the measurement of form and surface finish on manufactured components and to measure the surface finish and defects on coated surfaces.

Being non-contact with long stand-off distances they allow the measurement on surfaces that are difficult to measure (e.g. small steps, radii etc.) plus general form measurement. They do not compete with any conventional metrology equipment but enhance and improve capability in the measurement environment and are being used by universities worldwide.

These measurement solutions can be used either manually or automatically for inspection of small features on large objects, in production, in the measurement room or in the R&D lab.

For Alicona smart manufacturing is based on the interaction of machines and their operators. Our smart systems unite the measurement and machining process, allowing for automated measurements and the integration of advanced robotics. As a user you benefit from higher accuracy and speed of production. Additionally, it helps you to increase workplace efficiencies and worker safety.

Look out for Alicona products and solutions over the coming months!

Published on MTD CNC by Alicona Metrology (UK) Ltd on 18 April 2017

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